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WAD, Wad, or wad may refer to: Joan the Wad, a mythological character in Cornish folklore. Nishigandha Wad (born 1969), Indian film actress. William Addison Dwiggins (1880-1956), American type and graphic designer known by his initials.
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Wad(n.)1: A data file for id Software's incredibly popular 'Doom' series of games first released in The term ".Wad" is short for "Where's all the data?" They can be used to distribute user created content as...
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Welcome to Wad Archive. Wad Archive is the largest collection of WAD information on the web. Instantly search over 83,000 WADs and 24,000 read me files for WAD links, screenshots, map listings...
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wad [wɔd]Существительное. wad / wads.
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WAD (which, according to the Doom Bible , is an acrostic for "Where's All the Data?" ) is the file format used by Doom and all Doom-engine-based games for storing data. A WAD file consists of a header, a directory, and the data lumps that make up the resources stored within the file.
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WAD is the file extension for Half-Life texture packages. An acronym for Where's All the Data?, WAD files first originated in ID Software's Doom as a general purpose file archive to help facilitate game MODs.
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WAD (acronym for "Where's All the Data?") is the file format used by Doom and all Doom-engine-based games for storing data. A WAD file consists of a header, a directory, and the data that makes up the resources stored within the file. WADs can be either IWADs or PWADs.
WAD File Extension - What is a .wad file and how do I open it?
A WAD file is a game data file used by Doom and Doom II, as well as other first-person shooter games that use the original Doom engine. It contains data such as sprites (graphics), level information, and...
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The WAD file type is primarily associated with Game Archive. These are usually packages containing levels, graphics and other game data, and the term WAD is often used to refer to modified versions of...
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Action Doom 2 - Urban Brawl. Adventures of Square, The - Episodes 1 & 2 (v2.1) Blasphemer (v0.1.5). Chex Quest Chex Quest 2 Chex Quest 3 (v1.4) Delaweare Doom (Demo) Doom (PocketPC) Doom...
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Wad definition is - a small mass, bundle, or tuft: such as. How to use wad in a sentence. c : a small mass of a chewing substance a wad of gum. 2 : a considerable amount (as of money).
(a gun) запыжить (pf of запыживать); (used in loading firearms) пыж. wad [wɔd] глаг. Gruzovik, оруж. (a gun) запыживать (impf of запыжить). wad [wɔd] сущ.
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Wad file containing the full package. Just download and play, or download the full installer in case you don't have Doom installed.
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Probably short for Middle English wadmal ("woolen cloth"), from Old Norse váðmál ("woolen stuff"), from váð ("cloth") + mál ("measure"). See wadmal. Cognate with Swedish vadd ("wadding, cotton wool"), German Wat, Watte ("wad, padding, cotton wool"), Dutch lijnwaad, gewaad, watten ("cotton wool"...
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The WAD file-format is a package that contains title information for the Wii, such as System Menus, IOS versions, and channels. Unfortunately, WAD files are often used to distribute pirated channels (both Virtual Console and WiiWare)...
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Wad definition: A wad of something such as paper or cloth is a tight bundle or ball of it. | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples.