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Web of Things (WoT) describes a set of standards by the W3C for solving the interoperability issues of different Internet of Things (IoT) platforms and application domains. The WoT building blocks provide a way to implement systems that conform with the WoT architecture.
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The Web of Things aims to build the Internet of Things in a truly open, flexible, and scalable way, using the Web as its application layer. This is your one place pit-stop for all things WoT: blog posts...
WebThings Framework — Mozilla IoT | Web of Things
Build Your Own Web Things. The WebThings Framework is a collection of re-usable software components to help you build your own web things, which directly expose the Web Thing API.
Web of Things (WoT) Architecture
The W3C Web of Things (WoT) is intended to enable interoperability across IoT platforms and This WoT Architecture specification describes the abstract architecture for the W3C Web of Things.
Web of Things over IoT and Its Applications
Web of Things is a web standard of the Internet of Things to enable communication between smart things and web-based applications. Mozilla WebThing gateway is a smart IoT gateway that can be...
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Social Web of Things II. Mozilla Project Things Workshop. Top 10 IoT(Internet Of Things) Projects Sharing layer. The Web of Things is largely based on the idea of things pushing data to the Web...
What is the Internet of Things, and how does it work?
The Internet of Things, or IoT, impacts everything from the way we travel and do our shopping to the way we keep fit. But how exactly does it work?
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Последние твиты от Web of Things (@webofthings). Architecting the Web of Things, for techies and thinkers! Maintained by @domguinard and @EVRYTHNG.
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What does Web of Things (WoT) mean? The prerequisite for WoT is for the "things" to have embedded computer systems that enable communication with the Web.
GitHub - w3c/web-of-things-framework
Contribute to w3c/web-of-things-framework development by creating an account on GitHub.
The Internet of Things (IoT) - What it is and why it matters | SAS
The Internet of Things helps providers deliver reliable, fair-priced services and products. IoT connected devices and machines predict problems before they occur. Distributed grid resources like solar and...
IoT and Web of Things (WoT) -Understanding concept & differences
Introduction: Internet of Things is a technology which makes an aggregation of already available technologies. IoT and Web of Things.
Everything you need to know about Web of Things
Web of Things- Integrating real world into the web. 21st century, an era where technology is part of our daily lives. IoT and Internet plays a major role in connecting technology with our daily lives.
Web Thing Model
The Web of Things aims to maximise interoperability by exposing the services of Things using REST [[REST]]. For this idea to come to reality, supporting certain HTTP verbs of the specification is required.
IETF | The Web of Things
The Web of Things is about the use of the web technology for building communication capabilities for smart objects. I believe this is an important, easily available framework for this purpose.
Web Thing API
The Web Thing REST API and Web Thing WebSocket API allow a web client to access the Note that the Web Thing Description section is currently being standardised by the W3C Web of Things...
Internet of Things (IoT) - We are heading to connected future.
Internet of Things is the next big thing. In future everything you interact with will be connected and Internet of Things (IoT) is the linking of physical objects- from an electronic appliance to the most...
24 Internet of Things Examples You Should Know | Built In
The Internet-of-Things (IoT) has the ability to transform life as we know it. 24 Top Internet-of-Things (IoT) Examples You Should Know. Mike Thomas.
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Articles » Internet of Things » Web Services » General. Internet of Things. IoT is all around data. Talking about IoT, there could be series of questions to ask like Who collects the data?
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Another thing worth noting is that it lets you choose from a whopping 16 million colors and tons of white hues. So, these are some of the vivid examples of the internet of things technology that exist today.
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Keep up with the latest Internet of Things trends and insights. Our IoT newsletter delivers news, use cases, and events right to your digital doorstep.
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Take free Internet of Things courses to build your skills and advance your career. Learn IoT from top universities and institutions around the world on edX.
Tracking the Internet of Things
Staying on top of the emerging trend and technologies behind the "Internet of Things".