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Willow Garage, the developer of PR2, announces the immediate transfer of support and services responsibilities to Clearpath Robotics, a leader in mobile robotics for research and development.
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Willow Garage was a robotics research lab and technology incubator devoted to developing hardware and open source software for personal robotics applications. The company was most likely best known for its open source software suite ROS (Robot Operating System)...
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The latest Tweets from Willow Garage (@willowgarage). Helping to revolutionize the world of personal robotics.
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Willow Garage Velo 2G Gripper.
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Willow Garage has 18 repositories available. Follow their code on GitHub. wg_hardware_test. Hardware testing tools and utilities. Willow Garage use only.
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Willow Garage might not ring any bells today, but it was one of the most influential forces in modern This raucous display was the "graduation ceremony" thrown for the 'bots by Willow Garage, the...
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• Video: Willow Garage. Milestone 2 consisted of PR2 autonomously navigating the building, opening doors, and entering offices to plug itself into a wall outlet. 5. ROS in the Open.
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Willow Garage, a research and development company, has developed and integrated software and hardware platforms for personal robotics. The beta hardware platform is called the PR2, and the...
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Willow Garage develops hardware and open source software for personal robotics applications. The company is composed of experts in robot design, control, perception, and machine learning...
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Willow Garage slashes price (and arm) of PR2 robot for research. (PhysOrg.com) -- Willow Garage, a company that develops hardware and open source software for personal robotics applications, has...
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Willow Garage is a team of experts in robot design, control, perception, and machine learning, with both a strong theoretical background and a demonstrated drive to produce practical systems.
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Willow Garage's top 6 competitors are Seven Dreamers Laboratories, Foldimate, Mujin, Milagrow, Veeco Instruments and iRobot. Together they have raised over 397.6M between their estimated 2.4K...
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Das US-Unternehmen Willow Garage ist auf Robotertechnologie spezialisiert. Es hat den vielseitigen Personal Robot 2 (PR2) entwickelt, der Billard spielen und Socken zusammenlegen kann.
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What's Willow Garage's email address or phone number? How do I contact them? Does Willow Garage have a customer service or contact us page?
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Willow Garage is no longer doing research and development in personal robotics. Its mission is being carried on by companies its people have created: Savioke - creating robots and software to help...
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VentureBeat Willow Garage interns were 'the vectors spreading' Robot Operating System to the Silicon Valley Mercury News Willow Garage scientists who make robots to help disabled people...
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Willow Garage est un laboratoire de recherche en robotique créé fin 2006 qui conçoit des robots et Willow Garage est situé à Menlo Park, en Californie[o 4],[2], et emploie une cinquantaine d'employés...
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Willow garage — El robot PR2 Willow Garage es una incubadora de empresas y un laboratorio de invesigación robótica dedicada a la creación de software de código abierto para las aplicaciones para...
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Willow Garage shut down in early 2014. Most employees were retained by Suitable Technologies, Inc, while the support and services responsibilities were transferred to Clearpath Robotics.