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Y Combinator created a new model for funding early stage startups. Twice a year we invest a small amount of money ($125k) in a large number of startups. We work intensively with the companies for...
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Y Combinator is accepting applications from startups for the Summer 2021 funding cycle. It will take place from June-August 2021. Due to the COVID-19 situation the Summer 2021 batch will be remote.
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Y Combinator runs regular Tech Talks to get to know new companies, learn new tech and connect 1-1 with founders after the talks. Watch the talks and create a profile on YC's Work at a Startup to connect...
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Y Combinator (YC) is an American seed money startup accelerator launched in March 2005. It has been used to launch over 2,000 companies, including Stripe, Airbnb, Cruise Automation, DoorDash, Coinbase, Instacart, Dropbox, Twitch, and Reddit.
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The latest Tweets from Y Combinator (@ycombinator): ""Y Combinator's latest batch — W21 — features 350 startups from 41 nations. Fifty percent of the firms, the highest percentage to date, in the...
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Y Combinator created a new model for funding early stage startups. Twice a year we invest a small amount of money ($150k) in a large number of...
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A Y-combinator is a computer science concept from the "functional" side of things. Most programmers don't know much at all about combinators, if they've even heard about them.
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Y Combinator is a startup accelerator that invests in a large number of startups twice a year. It created a new model for funding early-stage startups.
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Y Combinator. Quite the same Wikipedia. Just better. Y Combinator. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. American seed accelerator founded in March 2005.
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Y Combinator. Make something people want. See all our posts @ blog.ycombinator.com.
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Y Combinator is one of the best-known startup incubators in Silicon Valley. Since its launch in 2005 Vimessa, a Y Combinator-funded startup, has launched a straightforward video messaging platform...
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In strict functional programming and the lambda calculus, functions (lambda expressions) don't have state and are only allowed to refer to arguments of enclosing functions. This rules out the usual definition of a recursive function wherein a function is associated with the state of a variable and this...
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Is Y Combinator (YC) worth it? Is Y Combinator worth it? Those are the questions I get asked the most after doing Y Combinator a year ago.
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Awesome list of Y-Combinator YC application resources for founders looking to join their startup program.
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For those who don't know, Y Combinator (Also known as YC) is considered the world's most successful startup accelerator. Twice a year, YC invests in a large batch of startups and takes a...
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Y Combinator: Y combinator created a new model for funding early stage startups. For the first time in its 15-year history, Y Combinator went fully remote with its famed startup accelerator program.
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Y Combinator Universe™ Technology. My research into Airbnb arises primarily from Airbnb's relationship with its original investor, Y Combinator, LLC, hereafter "Y Combinator".
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Y Combinator is slowly growing its stake in education companies, as the sector balloons with newfound demand from remote learners. In its latest batch, the famed accelerator had its highest number of.
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Names and descriptions of companies funded by Y Combinator, a seed accelerator.
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Y Combinator (YC) is an American seed money startup accelerator launched in March 2005.[1] It has been used to launch over 2,000 companies,[2] including Stripe, Airbnb, Cruise Automation, DoorDash...