GitHub - skwp/dotfiles: YADR - The best vim, git, zsh plugins and the...
YADR is an opinionated dotfile repo that will make your heart sing. The best bits of all the top dotfile repos, vim and zsh plugins curated in one YADR will install Solarized colorschemes into your iTerm.
GitHub - cburyta/yadr: YADR - The best vim, git, zsh plugins and the...
YADR uses tiny ruby scripts to wrap git submodule maintenance. Much cleaner vimrc that keps keymaps isolated to a plugin file (not in the main vimrc). All keymaps and customization in small, easy...
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I am ready for a long road flight for working with a week- or months-long projects.
YARD - A Ruby Documentation Tool
YARD is an extensible Ruby Documentation Tool (Yay!) for consistent documentation.
YADRO (@yadro_company) | Twitter
The latest Tweets from YADRO (@yadro_company). YADRO offers server and storage products focused on enterprise workloads, primarily deep learning, in-memory...
YADR - Yet Another Dotfile Repo - Better Every Day
At AELOGICA, we mostly use Ruby on Rails for developing websites, if not other Ruby related frameworks. One of the many reasons why Rails is so popular is that it has created some useful...
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YADRO · GitHub
A technology vendor of enterprise class server and storage products - YADRO.
YADR for Dummies
Accidentally I stumbled upon YADR. The project headline states "YADR is the best vim, git, zsh plugins and the cleanest vimrc you've ever seen." And you know what?—That's true.