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Jafsu - Life at just another fucking startup
A geeky web comic about the life at a web startup.
Yet Another Startup
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Trickle-down workaholism in startups - Signal v. Noise
So don't tell me that there's something uniquely demanding about building yet another fucking startup that dwarfs the accomplishments of The Origin of Species or winning five championship rings.
Fab's CEO: "It's a Fucking Startup. Why Are You Here?" - Racked
The headline is "It's a fucking startup. Why are you here?" which sets the tone of the letter: A little It's one day you're headed in one direction and the next day another, because the first move wasn't...
Deals & Inspiration - a free toolbox for founders & entrepreneurs
A brandnew startup framework including free tools, ressources & tactics is about to emerge here! Find some awesome startup resources provided by a vivid global community of entrepreneurs.
I discovered my co-founder has started another startup on... - Quora
Depending on the stage of your startup and how formalized your company is, what he or she is I'm pretty sure this other startup has also raised money. I know that my co-founder's company laptop and...
176: How to Hire Your First Startup Team Member - The Startup Chat...
Another way to think about it is it is someone that has a lot of potential, is a little more junior. Another thing I've seen is actually, it's usually a friend of the founders. Some kind of friend that has...
3 ways to fund your sex startup | VentureBeat
Jul 20, 2015 · Sex startups for years have complained that prudish venture capital firms won't fund them. Other enterprising sex startups have used crowdfunding sites like Indiegogo to test market interest in new...
How do you land another job after your startup fails? Emphasize the...
Startups. A failed startup on your resume won't stigmatize you. In Silicon Valley and other tech That being said, you still need to work on spinning your startup's failure as a positive. Here's how.
Startup Fucking Advice - A humor-based website that... | Product Hunt
Discover 12 alternatives like Startup Notes and Great F*cking Startup Advice. A humor-based website that gives random startup advice. - The Best Startup Jokes & Startup Humour
The Startup Jokes, Puns, Humour and Satire loaded in one book guaranteed to make you laugh. Priorities. Trick or treat! Another reason to buy a drone. Birthday gift. Mood Swings.
In case you were tempted to read into the list as a ranking — it's not!
Explore the NYC startup scene, including info on companies, jobs, influencers, and more. Created by NextView, a local seed-stage venture capital firm.
Hiring Employee #1 At A Startup: Expectation vs. Reality
When I was looking to leave Amazon and get back into startups, RecruitLoop and I fell in love (erm At a shiny new startup, the last people you want to hire are really good middle managers.
Giving startups some fucking advice. | Twitter
The latest Tweets from StartupFuckingAdvice (@startupfadvice). Giving startups some fucking I snap a STARTUP FUCKING ADVICE with a shortURL to you 3/4 time a week. You are awesome.
Another short-lived, overfunded startup is shutting down: Primary Data
Jan 22, 2018 · A startup that's operating in stealth mode raises an almost stunning amount of money before it releases a product. Another related flop is Airtime, a video chat service that was created by Napster...
The Morpheus Gang » Blog Archive » Are you a founder of...
Come and contribute to another beautiful startup. The Morpheus is transforming into morpheus gang which is in short, a community for the founders, by the founders, of the founders.
Interviews with startup founders and CEOs
Startups fight against each other to become market leaders in their areas and to control the profits. However, this does not mean that technology companies can't help each other and cooperate.
No funding no worries, check out these multiple 7-figure... - Dan Norris
In the startup world, getting outside funding and bringing investors onboard upfront, may seem like the holy grail for achieving success. And a lot of times it's required to build, fast growing tech startups.
How to Land a Job at a Hot Startup | Startup Grind
This simple approach will have startup founders lining up to get you on their team. Fact 2: Startup founders do ALL THE THINGS. They must constantly decide whether each thing is worth their time.
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Startup-O - Prove your mettle
Startup-O is South East Asia's leading platform for startup assessments, investments, and venture building. It was created with 'Entrepreneurs for Entrepreneurs' ethos at the core of its design.