PostgreSQL: Documentation: 12: 19.10. Automatic Vacuuming
19.10. Automatic Vacuuming. These settings control the behavior of the autovacuum feature. Controls whether the server should run the autovacuum launcher daemon.
Understanding autovacuum in Amazon RDS for PostgreSQL...
Autovacuum checks for bloated tables in the database and reclaims the space for reuse. The autovacuum worker is the actual worker process that executes the vacuum operations on the tables.
Introduced in PostgreSQL 8.1, the AUTOVACUUM daemon is an optional feature that automatically vacuums the database so that you don't have to manually run the VACUUM statement.
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Optimize autovacuum on an Azure Database for PostgreSQL - Single Server. This article describes how to effectively optimize autovacuum on an Azure Database for PostgreSQL server.
Tuning Autovacuum in PostgreSQL and Autovacuum Internals...
Autovacuum is one of the background utility processes that starts automatically when you start PostgreSQL. To start autovacuum, you must have the parameter autovacuum set to ON.
Autovacuum Tuning Basics - 2ndQuadrant | PostgreSQL
How to tune autovacuum in PostgreSQL - overview of configuration options and rules of thumb to set them. So let me follow-up on that with this post about the basics of autovacuum tuning.
How to Enable/Disable autovacuum on PostgreSQL
The AUTOVACUUM daemon is enabled in the default configuration. The AUTOVACUUM settings for PostgreSQL can be found in the postgresql.conf file and control when/how the daemon runs.
auto vacuum vs vacuum in postgresql - Stack Overflow
Below are autovacuum settings for my database. Are there any special setting required for autovacuum to function properly? Should we set up a manual vacuum?
Monitoring PostgreSQL VACUUM processes
If you have autovacuuming configured, you usually don't need to think about how and when to execute PostgreSQL VACUUMs at all—the whole process is automatically handled by the database.
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Autovacuum is an important PostgreSQL background job. This article tells you about tuning autovacuum to prevent problems and improve performance.
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Visualizing & Tuning Postgres Autovacuum. By Lukas Fittl. The Postgres autovacuum logic can be tricky to understand and tune - it has many moving parts, and is hard to understand, in particular for...
Postgres Autovacuum is Not the Enemy
Autovacuum, a Postgres tool that combats bloat, is often misunderstood and misconfigured. A low-level look at Postgres internals to get a better autovacuum configuration.
PostgreSQL Autovacuum - Demystified - postgreshelp
By default, autovacuum is enabled in PostgreSQL. The purpose of autovacuum is to automate the vacuum scale factor=0.2. i.e., if a table has 1000 records, the table is a candidate for autovacuum if it...
Why use autovacuum for PostgreSQL database | Medium
b. autovacuum_vacuum_threshold: Specifies the minimum number of updated or deleted tuples needed c. autovacuum_max_workers: Specifies the maximum number of autovacuum processes...
performance - Aggressive Autovacuum on PostgreSQL - Database...
autovacuum_vacuum_scale_factor = 0.2 #Default value. I notice that the auto vacuum only kicks in when the database is not under load, so I get into situations where there are far more dead tuples...