bem-tools / Инструментарий / БЭМ
bem-tools is a CLI runner for its plugins. Plugins are npm packages exporting COA command. By convention they should be named with bem-tools- prefix so bem-tools may find them among other...
GitHub - bem-tools/bem-tools-create: bem create command
Contribute to bem-tools/bem-tools-create development by creating an account on GitHub.
bem-tools-create - npm
bem-tools-create could be used to create BEM-instances on the file system For each BEM-instance only configured tech is created. Configuration could be done via config file (list of default techs)...
Some handy tools to make developing BEM HTML code in Atom even more faster. It can convert BEM JSON, HTML, CSS/SCSS and some Pug-like code into each other.
BEM 101 | CSS-Tricks
Joe wanted to do a post about BEM, which. The Block, Element, Modifier methodology (commonly referred to as BEM) is a popular naming convention for classes in HTML and CSS.
Обучение веб-разработке: именование классов и идентификаторов...
Источники. · bem/bem-tools release history
Recent releases and changes to bem/bem-tools. ENB is used as a fallback for bem make and bem server. Support for native bem make config is deprecated and will be removed in next version.
BEM — Block Element Modifier
BEM — Block Element Modifier is a methodology, that helps you to achieve reusable components The reason I choose BEM over other methodologies comes down to this: it is less confusing than the...
BEM For Beginners: Why You Need BEM — Smashing Magazine
BEM makes your code scalable and reusable, thus increasing productivity and facilitating teamwork. The Big BEM consists of Methodology, Technologies, Libraries, and Tools. In this article, we'll talk...
BEM — Yandex Technologies
BEM (Block, Element, Modifier) is a modular approach to web development that divides a user interface into independent blocks. Yandex uses BEM for frontend development.
bem-tools-core - npm Package Health Analysis | Snyk
The npm package bem-tools-core receives a total of 47 downloads a week. As such, we scored Based on project statistics from the GitHub repository for the npm package bem-tools-core, we found...
An Introduction to the BEM Methodology | Free Tools
BEM stands for Block Element Modifier. It suggests a structured way of naming your classes, based on properties of the element in question. If you've ever seen a class name like header__form—email...
Методология / БЭМ
bem-tools. Harry Roberts Consultant Front-end Architect I use BEM notation on everything I build now as its usefulness has proved itself over and over.
bem/bem-tools · WebTranslateIt
Want to see bem-tools in your language? In English for instance we decline the word dog in 1 dog and 2 dogs. You can use the help tools given in the translation interface to translate these segments.
bem/bem-tools - Travis CI
git clone --depth=50 --branch=WIP bem/bem-tools. Cloning into 'bem/bem-tools'...