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Brainfuck is an esoteric programming language created in 1993 by Urban Müller. Notable for its extreme minimalism, the language consists of only eight simple commands and an instruction pointer.
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Brainfuck is one of the most famous esoteric programming languages, and has inspired the creation of a host of other languages. Due to the fact that the last half of its name is often considered one of the most offensive words in the English language, it is sometimes referred to as "brainf***", "brainf*ck"...
A Brainfuck editor & optimizing interpreter, written in JavaScript.
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Tool to decode/encode in Brainfuck. Brainf**k is a minimalist programmation language that takes its name from two words that refer to a kind of cerebral masturbation.
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Brainfuck is an esoteric, minimalist, turing-equivalent programming language. The brainfuck language can nevertheless be used by itself. You can code anything codable, within the limits of its...
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Brainfuck same as its name. It uses only 8 characters > ... + which makes it the quickest programming I think what you are asking is how does Brainfuck know what to do with all the code.
'Brainfuck': the most frustrating programming language ever
In the end, Müller came up with 'Brainfuck', a new programming language whose compiler uses only 240 bytes of memory making it around 11,000 times smaller than the C++ compiler.
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Brainfuck IDE. 231 likes. This page refers to Brainfuck IDE (also known as BF IDE) for Mac OSX.
The Brainfuck Programming Language
Brainfuck is the ungodly creation of Urban Müller, whose goal was apparently to create a Turing-complete language for which he could write the smallest compiler ever, for the Amiga OS 2.0.
Brainfuck programs can be translated into C using the following substitutions, assuming ptr is of type unsigned char* and has been initialized to point to an array of zeroed bytes
Brainfuck. More obfuscated programming. Brainfuck is a minimalistic programming language, described elsewhere. Its beauty lies in its simplicity, and trying to use it is a truly fascinating experience.
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Description. This is an interpreter for the brainfuck programming language, written in JavaScript. It allows you to see the internal state of the brainfuck virtual machine.
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