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Спряжение bug [bʌɡ]Глагол. bug / bugged / bugged / bugging / bugs. прослушивать.
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Bug may refer to: Bug (Rügen), an area on the island of Rügen in Germany. Bug (river), in Poland, Ukraine and Belarus. Bug, Kentucky, an unincorporated community in the United States. Bag, Qasr-e Qand, also called Būg, a village in Sistan and Baluchestan Province, Iran.
bug [bʌg] прил. общ. не давать покоя (VLZ_58); простуда (informal LDOCE Alexander Demidov); зараза ([countable] (informal) an infectious illness that is usually fairly mild. *a flu bug *There's a...
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The Bug. 27,915 likes · 506 talking about this. Official Facebook Page of The Bug. European Booking Agent : Mark Slater / qujunktions@gmail.com North...
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bug definition: 1. a very small insect 2. an illness that is usually not serious and is caused by bacteria or a…. Learn more.
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Bug Report - How to write a good defect report with sample bug report. Software Testing Help. Урок 5. Bug report. ITVDN.
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Bug. A very nice non-binary name I have to say so myself. They named themself bug because they don't get scared when there's a roach in their room and can just pick it up and put it outside.
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Define bug. bug synonyms, bug pronunciation, bug translation, English dictionary definition of bug. 1. also Western Bug A river of eastern Europe rising in southwest Ukraine and flowing about 770 km...
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BUG Meaning: "insect, beetle," 1620s (earliest reference is to bedbugs), of unknown origin, probably The 1811 slang dictionary has bug-hunter "an upholsterer." Bug-word "word or words meant to irritate...
Bug.hr. Tjedni prikaz. Meni. Logitech ERGO K860 i ERGO M575 - Povratak ergonomije za rad od kuće. Bug.hr prije 8 sati.
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bug meaning, definition, what is bug: an illness that people catch very easily... computer a bug in the software → debug► see thesaurus at fault4 LISTENa small piece of electronic equipment for...