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Bugs is a British television drama series that ran for four series from 1 April 1995 to 28 August 1999. The programme, a mixture of action/adventure and science fiction, involved a team of independent crime-fighting technology experts...
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Title: Bugs (1995-1999). 7,2/10. Together they hunt the villains and go freelance. The BUGS team is formed and begins to solve cases of hi-tech crime and espionage.
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Bugs, Personaje de caricatura(Bugs Bunny) Bugs, Canción del grupo de rock estadounidense Bugs — This interesting surname, widely recorded in Church Registers of England, Germany, the...
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First attested in this form around 1620 (referring to a bedbug), from earlier bugge ("beetle"), a conflation of two words: Middle English bugge ("scarecrow, hobgoblin"), from Proto-Germanic *bugja- ("swollen up, thick") (compare Norwegian bugge ("big man"), dialectal Low German Bögge ("goblin", "snot")).
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Электронные жучки / Bugs. 40.
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Bugs are creatures created by the Announcer that inhabit Goiky. They are generally passive, but when provoked or in large groups they will poison and consume their victims. Poison: The bugs are able to poison objects with their stingers, when stung, an object turns green, becomes immobilized...
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Define bugs. bugs synonyms, bugs pronunciation, bugs translation, English dictionary definition of bugs. n. 1. a. An insect having mouthparts used for piercing and sucking, such as an aphid, a bedbug...
BUGS Three piece punk party since 2012. Loaner, released 04 December 2020 1. Loaner 2. I Got released December 4, 2020. All Song by BUGS, a band Recorded at the Bohemian Club Art by...
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