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C++ Language (C++98). Introduction: Instructions for use.
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C98 or C-98 may refer to: C-98 Clipper, the military designation of the Boeing 314 flying boat. CJYC-FM, "Big John FM", formerly known as "C98". Cray C98, a model of the Cray C90. Ruy Lopez (ECO code), a chess opening. Lake Village Airport (FAA LID), Indiana, US.
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Most people here learned C++98 before learning C++11 and 14 and will soon update to 17. I'd say you'd gain maybe 10% or 15% efficiency if someone were to update Accelerated C++ to C++14 and...
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GCC implements the majority of C++98 (export is a notable exception) and most of the changes in C++03. To select this standard in GCC, use one of the options -ansi, -std=c++98, or -std=c++03...
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C++98 is the first version of ISO C++. On a more practical note, C++98 standardized the Standard Template Library, making it (with some differences) the C++ Standard Library that we so cherish.
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C++98. Template metaprogramming. STL algorithm. What's next? The story of functional programming began with the first C++standard C++98. So, C++98 is the topic of this post.
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It is referred to in this document as "C++98" or simply as "C++". Though the two languages share a common heritage, and though This document lists only the incompatibilities between C99 and C++98.
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C++98. wstring. wchar_t.
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There are many projects written in C++98. Moreover, lots of programmers are still used to C++98. However, with the standardization of C++11 and C++14, C++98 is becoming obsolete.
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C++98 is the first standardized version of C++. As it was developed as an extension to C, many of the features which set apart C++ from C are added. Language Extensions (in respect to C89/C90).
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C++98 implementation status. Clang implements all of the ISO C++ 1998 standard (including the defects addressed in the ISO C++ 2003 standard) except for export (which was removed in C++11).
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C++98. C++11. C++14. This mode is the default in GCC versions prior to 6.1; it can be explicitly selected with the -std=c++98 command-line flag, or -std=gnu++98 to enable GNU extensions as well.
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typedef std::map<int, std::map <int, std::map <int, int> > > cpp98LongTypedef; typedef std::map<int, std::map <int, std::map <int, int>>> cpp11LongTypedef
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g++ -c -o main.o -std=c++98 main.cpp gcc -c -o c.o -std=c89 c.c g++ -o main.out main.o c.o ./main.out. без extern "C" ссылка не работает с: main.cpp:6: undefined reference to `f()'.
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C98. C98. Nom. Attestation de présence.
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If you know C++98/03, essentially all your code will continue to work unchanged because C++11 is nearly perfectly backward-compatible Clearly C++11 is bigger than C++98 and has more features.