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Clear rules too for budgetary management, more specifically regarding technical assistance offices, and reform of the Financial Regulation.
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In American law, the clear statement rule is a guideline for statutory construction, instructing courts to not interpret a statute in a way that will have particular consequences unless the statute makes unmistakably clear its intent to achieve that result.
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Note: If you have any suggestions or complaints regarding the rules, please create an issue in this repo or email us (at) (this mail will automatically create a new issue in this repo).
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clear rules and procedures. четкими правилами и процедурами.
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Poorly written published rules can ruin a tabletop game. Rules/design documents may be the If you're doing it right, one of the hardest parts of game design is writing clear rules. If you mess it up...
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Clear Rules. Edit this page. Required API Key: any key with the editSettings ACL. Delete all rules in the index and wait the end of indexing. index.clear_rules!
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Having a formal policy means CLEAR RULES with which all must comply are in place, including a general file retention period for the firm and any exceptions. You will find more usage examples at our...
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Another way to say Clear Rules? distinct rules. n. free reign. n. light rules. n. rule-based. adj.
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How to remove all rules for a given port using the "aws ec2"? I have not tested above command syntax but that should do it so that you can revoke the rules in a single one-liner command.
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Best synonyms for 'clear rules' are 'clear provisions', 'precise rules' and 'specific rules'. Classic Thesaurus -0001, Synonyms for Clear rules, Classic Thesaurus, viewed 1 November, 2020, <https...
OTC Clearing Hong Kong Limited ("OTC Clear") has obtained a legal opinion from an independent law firm in respect of the enforceability of certain provisions of the Clearing Rules under Hong Kong law.
How to Write Clear Rules (and Game Design Documents)
Poorly written published rules can ruin a tabletop game. Rules/design documents may be the If you're doing it right, one of the hardest parts of game design is writing clear rules. How to do it varies...
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Are you looking for free Clear rules templates? Choose from 1,456 printable design templates, like Clear rules posters, flyers, mockups, invitation cards, business cards, brochure,etc.
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Word family (noun) clarity clearance clearing clarification clearness (adjective) clear ≠ unclear (verb) clear clarify (adverb) clear clearly. From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary EnglishRelated topics...
How to clear all iptables rules « Admins eHow
In order to flush all iptables rules , Run the following commands
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clear ruling. Translated from English into German by. Learn the rules of conjugation and declension and see translations in context.
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Including this argument clears the rule hit information only of the specified rule . Use the show access-list command to identify a rule ID. However, not all the rules are listed in the output of this command.
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Primary rule among bodybuilders that is rather intuition is however volume - measurement of room or space or place in which in turn we all could quite frankly apply audio system.
CSS clear property
...column-gap column-rule column-rule-color column-rule-style column-rule-width column-span. The clear property specifies on which sides of an element floating elements are not allowed to float.
Set clear rules on SOP offences
KUALA LUMPUR: Experts have urged the government to issue clear guidelines on offences that are considered violations of the Movement Control Order standard operating procedures (SOP)...
Facebook Wants 'Clear Rules for the Internet' as It Reduces Political...
Zuckerberg also said that he wants "clear guidance and clear rules for the Internet," and is in favor of updating Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act (CDA).
London Metal Exchange: LME Clear Rules and regulations
The Rules have been developed by LME Clear and The London Metal Exchange ("LME") together with external legal counsel.