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Programming style, also known as code style, is a set of rules or guidelines used when writing the source code for a computer program. It is often claimed that following a particular programming style will help programmers read and understand source code conforming to the style...
Гайд по оформлению кода на С++ от Стэнфордского университета
По материалам «Stanford C++ Style Guide».
Code style language rules - .NET | Microsoft Docs
Code style language rules affect how various constructs of .NET programming languages, for example, modifiers and parentheses, are used. The rules fall into the following categories
Google C++ Style Guide
Style, also known as readability, is what we call the conventions that govern our C++ code. The term Style is a bit of a misnomer, since these conventions cover far more than just source file formatting.
Coding Style
A good code style greatly assists in that. A style guide contains general rules about "how to write" code, e.g. which quotes to use, how many spaces to indent, the maximal line length, etc.
Code style—CLion
Code styles are defined at the project level and at the IDE level (global). Choose the code style Scheme to be used as a base for your custom code style for the selected language.
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In computer programming, there are numerous coding conventions used to ensure consistent code, and enhance code quality, notably including correctness, legibility, maintainability, and speed. Individual projects, communities, bodies of code, and guidelines choose particular conventions...
C Coding Style
This document presents the preferred coding style for C programs in GNOME. We present examples of good coding style as well as examples of bad style that is not acceptable in GNOME.
Code Style and How to Enforce it - THE CURIOUS DEVELOPER
Code style is like politics, everybody has their own opinions and personal preferences. I am not going to get into any arguments on how the code should be styled, it is a suicide mission.
Suggested style guidelines for your code. | Meteor Guide
If the style of every bit of code is consistent, that ensures that bits of code that look the same actually are the same - there isn't any hidden punctuation or gotchas that you don't expect...
PSR-2: Coding Style Guide - PHP-FIG
Coding Style Guide. Deprecated - As of 2019-08-10 PSR-2 has been marked as deprecated. The style rules herein are derived from commonalities among the various member projects.
Code Style Guidelines | WebKit
Pointer and reference types in C++ code Both pointer types and reference types should be written with no space between the type name and the * or &. For Python use PEP8 style.
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Coding style is a set of guidelines that helps readability and understanding of the source code. coding-style coding-standards clean-code.
Java Code Style... - XWiki
We're only enforcing the code style in the code that has been moved to the new code style. The checked files are defined in xwiki/core/pom.xml (bottom of file). We're asking new code to follow the...