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Coffee Lake is Intel's codename for its eighth generation Core microprocessor family, announced on September 25, 2017. It is manufactured using Intel's second 14 nm process node refinement.
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Coffee Lake (CFL) is a microarchitecture designed by Intel as a successor to Kaby Lake for desktops and Coffee Lake features the first series of mainstream hexa-core processors from Intel.
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For this Coffee Lake example, we'll chose the iMac19,1 SMBIOS - this is done intentionally for compatibility's sake. There are two main SMBIOS used for Coffee Lake
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Coffee Lake will push the limits of Intel's 14nm process. Fifth time's the charm. After Intel released the laptop-focused Kaby Lake Refresh chips in August 2017, it finally released the 8th-generation...
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Intel's Coffee Lake Processors For 2018 Detailed - Coffee Lake-X, Coffee Lake-S, Coffee Lake-H To Get Intel's Coffee Lake processors are really interesting for the mainstream and performance users.
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And now that Coffee Lake has been announced, there are a slew of notebooks, especially in the gaming space, that have been announced with the new processors. Here are some of the laptops...
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Coffee Lake and Kaby Lake are similar in many ways. The biggest improvement between Kaby Lake and Coffee Lake is the addition of two more cores to Intel's mainstay Core i3, i5, and i7 families.
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It even beats an eight-core Ryzen in many content creation apps—but boy does it run hot.
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Overclocking Coffee Lake. Overclocking is a way to get more performance out of your computer's hardware components. There are three major hardware components that can be overclocked...