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Non-periodic comets are seen only once. They are usually on near-parabolic orbits that will not return to the vicinity of the Sun for thousands of years, if ever. Periodic comets usually have elongated elliptical orbits, and usually return to the vicinity of the Sun after a number of decades.
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Most comets travel a safe distance from the Sun―comet Halley comes no closer than 89 million The photographs taken during this close flyby of a comet nucleus show jets of dust and a rugged, textured...
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Halley's Comet as photographed May 8, 1910, by Dr. G.W. Ritchey using the 60-inch (1.5-meter) telescope at Mount Wilson Observatory, Calif., during the comet's last appearance.
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Comet Facts. Comets are snowballs made up of frozen gas, rock, and dust that orbit the Sun. As they get closer to the Sun, they heat up and leave a trail of glowing dust and gases.
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Most comets are no larger than a few kilometres across. The main body of the comet is called the nucleus, and it can When a comet is heated by the Sun, its ices begin to sublimate (similar to the...
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Comet Facts. Comets, like asteroids, are small celestial bodies that orbit the Sun. However, unlike asteroids, comets are composed primarily of frozen ammonia, methane or water...
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Comets are small celestial bodies that orbit the Sun. Oort Cloud comets have very long orbital periods, spanning several million years, and are known as long-period comets.
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Comet, a small body orbiting the Sun with a substantial fraction of its composition made up of Comets are among the most-spectacular objects in the sky, with their bright glowing comae and their...
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Comets. A comet is a small, icy celestial body that orbits around the sun. It is made up of a nucleus (solid, frozen ice, gas and dust), a gaseous coma, and a long tail.
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From Middle English comete, partly from Old English comēta and partly from Old French comete, both from Latin comētēs, from Ancient Greek κομήτης (komḗtēs, "longhaired"), short for ἀστὴρ κομήτης ([astēr] komētēs, "longhaired [star])" and referring to the tail of a comet, from κόμη (kómē, "hair").
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Comet news, current bright comets, information on historic great comets such as Halley, West, Hale-Bopp and McNaught. Learn about the visual magnitude scale, types of comet and more..
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comet definition: 1. an object that moves around the sun, usually at a great distance from it, that is seen on rare…. Meaning of comet in English.
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Comet structures are diverse and very dynamic, but they all develop a surrounding cloud of diffuse material, called a coma, that usually grows in size and brightness as the comet approaches the Sun.
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comet [ˈkɔmɪt]Существительное. comet / comets.
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Comet definition: A comet is a bright object with a long tail that travels around the sun. | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples.
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Comets: Comets are dirty space snowballs of mostly ice and dust that formed during the birth of the solar system 4.6 billion years ago. Comets. For millennia, the sight of a comet elicited fear and awe.
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A comet is an icy, small Solar System body that, when passing close to the Sun, warms and begins to release gases, a process called outgassing. This produces a visible atmosphere or coma, and...
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Comet definition, a celestial body moving about the sun, usually in a highly eccentric orbit, consisting of a central mass surrounded by an envelope of dust and gas that may form a tail that streams away...
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Comet-wine (1833), that made in any year in which notable comets have been seen, was reputed to have a superior flavor (the original reference is to the Great Comet of 1811).
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Comet definition is - a celestial body that appears as a fuzzy head usually surrounding a bright nucleus, that has a usually highly eccentric orbit, that consists primarily of ice and dust, and that often develops...
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Comets synonyms, Comets pronunciation, Comets translation, English dictionary definition of Comets. n. A celestial body, observed only in that part of its orbit that is relatively close to the sun...
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