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Compression may refer to: Compression (physics), the result of the subjection of a material to compressive stress. Compression member, a class of structural elements, of which a column is the most common specific example. Compressibility, a measure of volume change resulting from pressure.
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In signal processing, data compression, source coding, or bit-rate reduction involves encoding information using fewer bits than the original representation. Compression can be either lossy or lossless. Lossless compression reduces bits by identifying and eliminating statistical redundancy.
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Returns the compression middleware using the given options. The level of zlib compression to apply to responses. A higher level will result in better compression, but will take longer to complete.
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Compression definition, the act of compressing. Also called data compression. Computers. reduction of the storage space required for data by changing its format.
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compression. a compressing or being compressed. Mech. the compressing of the air-fuel mixture in compression - Computer Definition. A means of reducing the amount of data to be transmitted or...
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What is Compression? Compression refers to the squeeze on earth and its ecology from growth of the human population and growth consuming huge amounts of resources. To dramatically reduce the...
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Compression, or "data compression," is used to reduce the size of one or more files. When a file is compressed, it takes up less disk space than an uncompressed version and can be transferred to...
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Even with the long history of signal-processing oriented compression, taking new approaches to image processing have great potential, due to the proliferation of high-resolution cell-phone images and...
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Compression definition is - the act, process, or result of compressing. How to use compression in a sentence. Example Sentences. Learn More about compression.
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