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Спряжение crash [kræʃ]Глагол. crash / crashed / crashed / crashing / crashes.
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Перевод слова crash, американское и британское произношение, транскрипция, словосочетания, однокоренные слова, примеры использования.
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Crashed (Daughtry song) — Crashed Single by Daughtry from the album Daughtry Released Crashed Ice — is a winter extreme sporting event, which involves downhill skating in an urban...
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"Crashed" is the third U.S. rock single, (the fifth overall), from the band Daughtry's debut album. It was released only to U.S. rock stations on September 5, 2007. Upon its release the song got adds at those stations, along with some Alternative and Top 40 stations.
CRASHED | meaning in the Cambridge English Dictionary
crashed definition: 1. past simple and past participle of crash 2. If a vehicle crashes or someone crashes it, it is…. English. Verb. crash(HAVE AN ACCIDENT). crash(MAKE A NOISE).
Crashed - definition of crashed by The Free Dictionary
Define crashed. crashed synonyms, crashed pronunciation, crashed translation, English dictionary definition of 1. a. To break violently or noisily; smash: The dishes crashed to pieces on the floor. b...
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Перевод контекст "crashed on" c английский на русский от Reverso Context: Immediately after his birth Akasha stumbled around with wobbly legs and crashed on Перевод "crashed on" на русский.
Urban Dictionary: crashed | to have messed up very badly.
crashed. 1. to be unfairly deprived of something 2. ripped off. 1. My driver's license got crashed because the DMV mixed me up with somebody else who had too many tickets.
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crash. [kræ̱ʃ]. ♦♦. crashes, crashing, crashed. N-COUNT: oft n N A crash is an accident in which a N-COUNT A crash is a sudden, loud noise. VERB If a business or financial system crashes, it fails...
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From Middle English crasshen, crasschen, craschen ("to break into pieces"), of uncertain origin. Perhaps from a variant of earlier *crasken, from crasen ("to break") +‎ -k (formative suffix); or from earlier *craskien, *craksien, a variant of craken ("to crack, break open"...
Crash | Definition of Crash by Merriam-Webster
Crash definition is - to break violently and noisily : smash. How to use crash in a sentence. 3 : to enter or attend without invitation or without paying crash the party.
Two killed after single-engine plane crashes into car... — RT USA News
Two people were killed and two others injured after a small plane crashed in south Florida, erupting into flames as it smashed into a car carrying a mother and child, leaving them in a serious condition.
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Crash definition, to make a loud, clattering noise, as of something dashed to pieces. Example sentences from the Web for crash. Car crashes injure several million Americans a year, but driving...
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Share this Rating. Title: Crash (2004). "Crash" is a complex movie with a simple premise: set in Los Angeles it follows 8 main characters (and many, many more supporting) from all walks of life and...