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грызть стойло (horses, gnaw cribs). делить на стойла (hourse breeding, divide into cribs).
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Crib may refer to: Bach (New Zealand), a type of modest beach house, called a crib in the southern half of the South Island. Box crib, a wooden frame used to stabilise a heavy object during a rescue, jacking, construction, or moving operation.
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crib. home, domicile, or dwelling. Dang du...your CRIB is phat YO! (Your house is very pleasing to the eye; Contemporary flare, yet structurally sound.
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From Middle English crib, cribbe, from Old English crib, cryb, cribb, crybb ("couch, bed; manger, stall"), from Proto-Germanic *kribjǭ ("crib, wickerwork"), from Proto-Indo-European *grebʰ-, *gerbʰ- ("bunch, bundle, tuft, clump"), from *ger- ("to turn, twist").
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Crib definition: A crib is a bed for a small baby . | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and Word forms: plural, 3rd person singular present tense, plural cribs , present participle cribbing, past tense...
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Define crib. crib synonyms, crib pronunciation, crib translation, English dictionary definition of crib. n. 1. A bed with high sides for a young child or baby. 2. a. A small building, usually with slatted sides, for...
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Crib (n.) in the sense of "literal translation of a classical author for illegitimate use by students" (often a Greek work rendered word-for-word into Latin) is from 1827. The meaning "something taken without...
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Crib definition is - a manger for feeding animals. How to use crib in a sentence. 2 : to provide with or put into a crib especially : to line or support with a framework of timber.
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crib (krib),USA pronunciation n., v., cribbed, crib•bing. n. Furniturea child's bed with enclosed sides. (transitive) to put or enclose in or as if in a crib; furnish with a crib. (transitive) informal to steal...
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To crib is to copy something without authorization or without giving credit to the original author. When you copy someone's homework, this is an example of a time when you crib.
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crib meaning, definition, what is crib: a bed for a baby or young child, with ba...: Learn more.
Crib definition, a child's bed with enclosed sides. See more.
verb (used with object), cribbed, crib·bing. Informal. to pilfer or steal, especially to plagiarize (another's writings or ideas). to use a crib in examinations, homework, translating, etc. to steal; plagiarize.
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A crib is a bed with high sides that babies sleep in. To crib is to cheat, like copying off someone else during an exam. A crib is a small, cozy bed that has high sides known as slats.
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Types of Cribs. Although there are still regular cribs on the market, many these days are Sometimes these cribs are also called 4-in-1 or 3-in-1 cribs. Some convertible cribs do require conversion kits to...
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crib. noun. a place of residence. Note: "the crib" refers to the speaker's home. I'm just hanging at the crib. Let's go to my crib to hang out.
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Crib: Our trained experts have spent days researching the best Cribs available to buy today in 2021. ⬇Click SHOW MORE ⬇1. Delta Children Classic Sweet...
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Definition of crib (cribbed, cribbing) in the Dictionary. Proper usage and audio pronunciation (plus IPA phonetic transcription) of the word crib.
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7 years ago my wife and were expecting our first son. It was about this time of the year back then that we started setting up the baby nursery.
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CRIB, Bacolod City. 6,320 likes · 850 talking about this. Choose to indulge in our chicken wings of 5 Dreaming of your Crib favorites? Make it into a reality as you get your cravings through pick-up or...
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'Hand-me-downs such as cribs, bassinets, strollers, high chairs, and clothes can help save time and 'Babies can fall from their cribs if the side rails are not at the right level in relationship to the mattress...
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