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Custom properties (--*): CSS variables - CSS: Cascading Style Sheets
Custom properties are scoped to the element(s) they are declared on, and participate in the cascade: the value of such a custom property is that from the declaration decided by the cascading algorithm.
Кастомные свойства — Блог HTML Academy
It's Time To Start Using CSS Custom Properties, Сергей Господарец — https://www.smashingmagazine.com/2017/04/start-using-css-custom-properties/.
GitHub - postcss/postcss-custom-properties: Use Custom...
Use Custom Properties in CSS. Contribute to postcss/postcss-custom-properties development by creating an account on GitHub.
CSS Variables Tutorial (CSS Custom Properties) - YouTube
In this video we will dive into CSS variables, also called CSS custom properties. We can now have dynamic values in our CSS without the use of a CSS...
How To Define And Use CSS Custom Properties - Vanseo Design
CSS custom properties offer advantages that variables in preprocessors can't. They can be changed dynamically and interact with the DOM and Javascript.
CSS Custom Properties are here.. In this article I'm going to... | Medium
Custom properties are defined with a -- prefix. Custom property names can be any combination of alphanumeric characters and — or _. Unlike regular CSS properties, they are case-sensitive.
Custom Properties - Mixpanel Help Center
Custom properties lets you combine existing properties into new properties on the fly, using a simple Excel-like formula language. You can then use these new properties almost anywhere that you can...
Custom Properties | Codrops
Custom properties define a new value type in CSS that allows for the use of variables through the With CSS custom properties, developers can assign arbitrary values to a property with a name of...
Newest 'custom-properties' Questions - Stack Overflow
Use the custom-properties tag for questions relating to using non-standard or ad hoc properties in programming languages, APIs, or programming tools that allow them.
Add custom properties to Correspondence Management assets
This customization includes adding custom fields/properties and tabs to specific asset To hide such a property, see Show/Hide Custom Properties On Asset Creation and Properties pages.
Office.CustomProperties interface - Office Add-ins | Microsoft Docs
The CustomProperties object represents custom properties that are specific to a particular item and specific to a mail add-in for Outlook. For example, there might be a need for a mail add-in to save...
Custom properties
Custom properties enable you to categorize devices and customers by unique identifiers. You can use custom device properties as filterable items so you can apply SolarWinds N-central rules for...
Guide to Properties - Klaviyo - Help Center | Custom Properties
Custom properties are found under the custom properties section in the Information tab of a profile. Custom properties are just that— completely customizable properties that you generate yourself...
Adding Custom Properties to APIs - WSO2 API Manager...
Display custom properties on API overview page. Add custom properties via the API Publisher¶. Sign in to the API Publisher as an API creator using the following URL
Custom Properties — Tiled 1.4.2 documentation
Custom Properties¶. One of the major strengths of Tiled is that it allows setting custom properties on all of its basic data structures. This way it is possible to include many forms of custom information...
Security custom properties
The custom properties in this topic are set in the administrative console through the previously listed path unless otherwise stated in the description.
CustomProperties (POI API Documentation)
...to custom properties, it ignores the fact that not names, but IDs are the real keys to properties. While this class is roughly HashMap<Long,CustomProperty>, that's the internal representation.
Unity - Manual: USS custom properties (variables)
USS variables, also called custom properties, define values that you can reuse in other USS rules. You can create variables for any type of USS property. To create a USS variable, prefix its name with...
Using Custom Properties in HubSpot
A custom property is a property that you create to meet your unique needs. Once you create a custom contact property, it becomes available on every contact record in your CRM.
Components and Custom Properties in Power Apps
Moving data, with custom properties, between your app and components in Power Apps can be difficult. In this post I will look at updating data inside a component.
Custom Properties :: tyFlow Documentation
The default value of all custom float property channels is 0.0. In some situations, you might only If you use the Custom Properties operator to assign that value to the mass property of particles, all...
Can I use... Support tables for HTML5, CSS3, etc
Search. ? Settings. CSS Variables (Custom Properties).
Learn how to report custom properties from extensions.
Dynatrace extensions enable you to send custom properties for a monitored technology on both, device and device group levels. The property has the form of a key-value pair, where both are strings.
Custom Properties
Custom Properties - beside showing tags as a cloud or under the article - automatically builds an advanced search module where the user can combine more criteria and filter the content accurately.
Custom property
Custom property. The Blender API provides a set of simple property types described in bpy.props (IntProperty, BoolProperty, etc.).
Oracle ATG Web Commerce - Adding Custom Properties to the Site...
To add a custom property to the site configuration you must Update the database to reflect the new property. Rebuild the ATG EAR files for your application and restart the ATG servers.
Custom user properties - Analytics Help
Set custom user properties to identify static or slowly changing attributes of your users, such as "spender=true", "profession=engineer", or "favorite_team=Real Madrid".