Декоратор. Также известен как: Wrapper, Обёртка, Decorator.
Python Decorators: How to Use it and Why?
Python Decorators. A decorator takes in a function, adds some functionality and returns it. In this tutorial, you will learn how you can create a decorator and why you should use it.
Decorator pattern - Wikipedia
In object-oriented programming, the decorator pattern is a design pattern that allows behavior to be added to an individual object, dynamically, without affecting the behavior of other objects from the same class.
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return decorator_repeat else
In this tutorial, learn how to implement decorators in Python.
Decorators are usually called before the definition of a function you want to decorate. In this tutorial, we'll show the reader how they can use decorators in their Python functions.
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JavaScript Decorators: What They Are and When to Use... - SitePoint
Decorators have become popular thanks to their use in Angular 2+. In Angular, decorators are available thanks to TypeScript, but in JavaScript they're currently a stage 2 proposal, meaning they...
7. Decorators — Python Tips 0.1 documentation
7. Decorators¶. Decorators are a significant part of Python. In simple words: they are functions which modify the functionality of other functions. They help to make our code shorter and more Pythonic.
Advanced Uses of Python Decorators | Codementor
This tutorial aims to introduce more interesting uses of Python decorators, specifically how decorators can be used on classes and how to pass extra parameters to your decorator functions.