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We at Devleads decided to try a new format for us - IT breakfast. This is some mini-training for IT, where we will learn new things, sort out the old things and practice what we received on each other.
Defining the Role of a Development Lead
A Product Manager and a Development Lead—also called a Dev Lead—are the people ensuring things are moving ahead steadily, and smoothly. How do the titles differ?
Dev Lead 101: Be a Dev Lead Not a Dev Manager | Medium
Be a Dev Lead, not a Manager. Someone has to do the paperwork. The dev lead role you end up taking, this might be you. You might not be expected to do all of it, but yes...
LeadDev is a series of conferences and meetups designed with the needs and pain points of technical team leads in mind. We programme each conference around our three key...
Dev Lead - Criteo Labs
So what exactly is a dev lead (EDL), at Criteo? The term has been widely used and abused and it definitely means different things in different companies.
Anatomy of a Successful Developer Team Lead: What Makes...
A developer team lead is responsible for not just designing and writing code, but for the coordination of an entire development team. Who Are Today's Top Dev Team Leads.
Lead programmer - Wikipedia
In the software engineering profession, a lead software engineer is responsible for providing technical guidance and mentorship to a team of software engineers. Alternative titles include development lead, technical lead, lead programmer...
Advice for Development Team Leads - DEV Community
Advice for team leads based on lessons I've learned during my experience as dev team lead for software agencies. Tagged with leadership, culture, womenintech.
DevLeads - Dynamic Webhooks Integration with... | LeadsBridge
Use them to automate your lead generation needs as well. LeadsBridge creates web hooks that can be easily integrated with your CRM or Email software. Whatever need you have...