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Domain-Driven Design is the approach to software development which enables us to translate complex problem domains into rich, expressive and evolving software.
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Domain-Driven Design: The Good and The Challenging provides a brief overview with this comment: DDD helps discover the top-level architecture and inform about the mechanics and dynamics of the...
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Domain-Driven Design Distilled - Very good starter book before you read Implementing Domain-Driven Design or Domain-Driven Design: Tackling the Complexity at the Heart of Software.
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To define domain-driven design we should first establish what we mean by domain in this context (and in development in general). The common dictionary definition of domain is...
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Domain-Driven Design : Suppose we have designed software using all latest tech stack and infrastructure and our software design architecture is fabulous, but when we release this software in...
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Domain Driven Design is like sales, it provides one face to the customer. The surrounding application does access an aggregate through repositories, which are basically some kind of facade.
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Domain-driven design is not a technology or a methodology. DDD provides a structure of practices and terminology for making design decisions that focus and accelerate software projects dealing with... | Domain Driven Design Community
Domain Driven Design can help handle complex behaviors when building software. But for data-driven devs, the change in perspective isn't always easy. In this 3-part series published in...
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Domain driven design exists because all software exists for a purpose. It does something. For example, you can't provide a software solution for a financial system such as online stock trading if...
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In software development, the domain driven design approach is used for complex needs, connecting the implementation to an evolving model of the core business concepts.
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Domain-driven Design Example. Mon, Apr 22, 2013 by Mirko Sertic. Before you continue, you should read the books "Domain-driven Design" by Eric Evans and "Implementing Domain-driven...
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Domain-Driven Design is an approach to software development that centers the development on programming a domain model that has a rich understanding of the processes and rules of a domain.