DRBD 9.0 en ยป LINBIT
With DRBD 9 it's possible to have the data stored simultaneously on more than two cluster nodes. While this has been possible before via stacking, in DRBD 9 this is supported out-of-the-box for...
GitHub - LINBIT/drbd: LINBIT DRBD kernel module
DRBD9. DRBD is a block device which is designed to build high availability clusters and software defined storage by providing a virtual shared device which keeps disks in nodes synchronised using...
DRBD 9 Multi-Slave Mesh Network Quickstart Guide
DRBD 9 allows configurations to have multi node replication without stacking. In this post I will briefly describe how to define a multi-node DRBD resource, and highlight the differences for pacemaker...
DRBD9 - Proxmox VE
DRBD9 is removed from the Proxmox VE core distribution since 4.4 and is now maintained directly by Linbit, due to license change.
DRBD 9: 3 Node Cluster with DRBDManage - YouTube
Having setup the LINBIT repositories we are now ready to install DRBD 9 and see the power of DRBD Manage which is new in version 9. We will create a 3 node...
How to Setup DRBD 9 on Ubuntu 16 - Globo.Tech
DRBD, or Distributed Replicated Block Device, is a special kind of data storage that uses multiple servers. A "primary" server stores the data, and the other "passive" servers act as mirrors of the primary.
drbd.conf-9.0 man page - drbd-utils - File Formats
In DRBD 9, a resource can be replicated between two or more cluster nodes. The connections between cluster nodes are point-to-point links, and use TCP or a TCP-like protocol.
Create a 3 Node DRBD 9 Cluster using DRBD Manage in CentOS 7
This becomes very simple using DRBD 9 and DRBD Manage as we need to be less concerned about the underlying Logical Volumes and DRBD Manage will create them.
DRBD Tutorial | Setup Linux Disk Replication | CentOS 8 | GoLinuxCloud
Overview on DRBD. DRBD support for Red Hat and CentOS. Lab Environment. In this article I will share Step-by-Step DRBD 9.0 Installation and Configuration Guide on CentOS 8 using KVM based...
apt - Failed to install DRBD9 in debian-9 - Stack Overflow
This PPA contains DRBD9, drbd-utils, LINSTOR (client, python API, server). This differs from official, production grade LINBIT repositories in several ways, including: - We push RCs immediately to the...