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duty [ˈdju:tɪ]Существительное. duty / duties.
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A duty (from "due" meaning "that which is owing"; Old French: deu, did, past participle of devoir; Latin: debere, debitum, whence "debt") is a commitment or expectation to perform some action in general or if certain circumstances arise.
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Define duties. duties synonyms, duties pronunciation, duties translation, English dictionary definition of duties. n. pl. du·ties 1. a. An act or a course of action that is required of one by position...
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Duties definition: tasks to be done as part of one's job | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples. Definition of 'duties'. Word Frequency.
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Duty definition is - conduct due to parents and superiors : respect. How to use duty in a sentence. (3) : a period of being on duty report for duty at 7 a.m. 3a : a moral or legal obligation felt it was their...
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duty definition: 1. something that you have to do because it is part of your job, or something that you feel is the….
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synonym study for duty. 1. Duty, obligation refer to what one feels bound to do. Duty is what one performs, or avoids doing, in fulfillment of the permanent dictates of conscience, piety, right, or law...
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(General American) IPA(key): /duːtiz/. (Received Pronunciation) IPA(key): /ˈdjuːtiz/. duties. plural of duty. Eudist, dustie, studie, suited.
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долг debt duty obligation credit trust liability обязанность duty responsibility obligation office business ought пошлина duty fee toll tax custom lot
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duty meaning, definition, what is duty: something that you have to do because it...: Learn more.
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duty. Used in military terminology to describe the mandatory task of providing security or lookout for anything from an ammunition arsenal to an empty barracks.
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Duty is a term that conveys a sense of moral commitment or obligation to someone or something. The moral commitment usually results in action and is not a matter of passive feeling or mere recognition. When someone recognizes a duty...
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A duty may also be someone's moral or fiduciary responsibility. Understanding a Duty. Governments impose taxes on individuals and companies that make or receive shipments internationally.
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duties teriminin İngilizce Türkçe sözlükte anlamı. (Ticaret) gümrük vergileri. - The traditional way of learning a language may satisfy at most one's sense of duty, but it can hardly serve as a source of joy.
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A duty is something you must do by virtue of your position and is a legal or moral obligation. For example, it is the supply sergeant's duty to issue equipment and keep records of the unit's supplies.
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Shipper's Guide to Duties and Taxes. Learn the fundamentals about duties and taxes when shipping worldwide. Whether a shipment is a gift or not, it must still go through an import procedure as...
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In this video you'll learn about the duties of directors in an association, including: duty of skill, duty of diligence and duty to avoid conflict.https...
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Duties are costs associated with buying a product that's shipped from a different country. Duties can be paid by customers on delivery. If your customers might have to pay any duties, then make sure...
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Customs Duty definition: We shall look into its various aspects such as how Customs Duty is calculated, different categories that you need to be familiar with.
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How are customs duties and taxes calculated on a shipment? Check our video guide to learn how to declare the value of your goods on the commercial invoice.