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From Medieval Latin ēditor, from Late Latin ēditor, from ēditus, perfect passive participle of ēdō ("give out, put forth, publish"). (Received Pronunciation) IPA(key): /ˈɛdɪtə/. (General American). (formal) IPA(key): /ˈɛdɪtəɹ/, [ˈɛˑdɪtɚ]. (lax) IPA(key): [ˈɛˑɾɪɾɚ]. Hyphenation: ed‧i‧tor. editor (plural editors).
Photo Editor | BeFunky: Free Online Photo Editing
BeFunky's Online Photo Editor lets you edit photos, apply photo effects, and add frames, graphics, and text. Online Photo Editing has never been easier.
EDIT - Free graphic design online editor
In EDIT.org, you will have access to millions of copyright-free images you can easily insert in your designs. The only editor in the world with all images completely for free.
Online Photo Editor - Edit your photos, pictures and images online for...
Edit your photos online on PhotoEditor.com for free. We support: resize, filters, effects, frames, text, shapes, sepia, black/white, crop, rotate and flip, online photo editing, photo editing, image editor...
Online Photo Editor | Polarr: professional free online photo editor.
Polarr makes advanced free online photo editor, also available for iOS, Android, Mac and Windows with professional photo editing tools.
Online photo editor | Adobe
Photoshop Express online photo editor. Adjust and retouch photos with no app or purchase needed. What's the best online photo editor? Adobe sets the standard with advanced features that are easy to...
Free Online Image Editor
Free Online Image Editor create your own animated gifs resize crop avatars and images. Photo tool for your favorite pictures. Edit an image here fast and easy online.
Online HTML Editor
The best real-time online HTML editor software kit with dynamic instant live visual preview and inline WYSIWYG editor using CKEditor and markup clean-up feature.
FOTOSTARS - Photo Editor Online | The best & Free
Photo effects The Fotostars online photo editor includes over 50 professional photo effects and filters. Security The Fotostars photo editor guarantees the complete privacy of all processed images.
Free Online Photo Editor - Photogramio
Use the free set of popular photo editors to edit your photo. Dozens of editing tools will be available for you, from photo cropping to amazing textures and instagram filters.