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The Lun-class ekranoplan is a ground effect vehicle (GEV) designed by Rostislav Evgenievich Alexeyev in 1975 and used by the Soviet and Russian navies from 1987 until sometime in the late 1990s.
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The Lun-class Ekranoplan, also known as the Caspian Sea Monster, is a ground effect vehicle designed by Rostislav Evgenievich Alexeev and used by the Soviet and Russian navies from 1987...
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These craft were originally developed by the Soviet Union as very high-speed military transports, and were based mostly on the shores of the Caspian Sea and...
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Ekranoplan. 7. Ekranoplan'ların dışında wing-in-ground-effect (WIG), flarecraft, sea skimmer veya wing-in-surface-effect ship (WISE) şeklinde aratarak çok daha farklı tasarımlar bulabilirsiniz.
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aslında akdeniz'in tamamında yolcu gemilerinin yerini de alabilecek bir araçtır. sonuçta hızlı bir yolcu gemisi 45 knot hız yapabiliyorken lun sınıfı bir ekranoplan 300 knot hızla gidebilen bir alettir.
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Ekranoplan (WIG craft). Ekranoplans ("surface plane") and seaplanes are waterborne platforms that take advantage ofthe broad water surface for takeoff and landing. This gives the platform the...
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An "ekranoplan" is a Soviet and Russian ground effect vehicle that attains sustained flight over a level surface (sea, desert, ice) by making use of the aerodynamic interaction between the wings and the...
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Ekranoplan redirects here. For the album by Assemble Head in Sunburst Sound, see Ekranoplan. Ekranoplan. Special vehicle to fly in air just above sea or ground.
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Yes, ekranoplans are fascinating because of the whole range of physics and technology concepts that they so deceptively cover, as well as the practical usage they could have.
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The Ekranoplan, mother Russia's crazy flying boat that fires cruise missiles as seen here. #warboat? #warplane? #ekranoplan #planeboat.
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Looking for the definition of EKRANOPLAN? What does EKRANOPLAN mean? This page is about the various possible meanings of the acronym, abbreviation, shorthand or slang term: EKRANOPLAN.
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The K-class ekranoplan (serial number: 03) was a fictional former-Soviet ground effect vehicle (GEV) owned and operated by Russian oligarch, Stefan Pomerov. Practically identical to the real-world Lun-class ekranoplan, the craft appeared in the 2010 video-game James Bond 007: Blood Stone.
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Ekranoplan. 1987 was the year when the first 350 tons ground effect "ship" from the series of Soviet battle This type of vehicle called in Russian ekranoplan uses so called ground effect - extra lift of...
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Download map now! The Minecraft Project, ekranoplan rescuer, was posted by ahdpen. home Home arrow_right Projects arrow_right ekranoplan rescuer Minecraft Project.
ekranoplan dot org is continually under revision and as such does not represent anything. This site is to create awareness of ekranoplan, for a purpose to be determined at a later date.
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Ekranoplane is an alternative form of ekranoplan. As nouns the difference between ekranoplane and ekranoplan. is that ekranoplane is ekranoplan while ekranoplan is ekranoplan.
Unusual old aircrafts - Ekranoplan the Leviathan and others aircrafts Subscribe Ekranoplan - grindcore/sludge band from Jena, Germany Buy the release here...
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Borrowed from Russian Экраноплан (Ekranoplan). ekranoplan (plural ekranoplans). (aviation, nautical) a ground-effect vehicle.
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Definitions. ekranoplan. Noun. (plural ekranoplans). (aviation, nautical) a ground-effect vehicle. "ekranoplan." YourDictionary, n.d. Web.
EKRANOPLANS (WIGs). Ekranoplan is a Russian word formed as joining of "ekran", corresponding to the screen, and While Russian engineers working on their ekranoplan, engineers from some other...
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The beast is back: Reborn ekranoplan heads for the Arctic
Russia has posted pictures of a new ground effect vehicle, or ekranoplan. The new design is more A LUN-class ekranoplan developed in the 1970s bristled with weapons, making it a formidable vehicle...
Commerical Ekranoplan flying in Australia, China, South East Asia. The Sea Eagle bridges the gap between maritime and air transportation. Classified as a Class B WIG Craft Class B(Wing-in-Ground...