Embox | Real-time operating system
In Embox case you can use the software as bare-metal including the only required system parts. In the other words, Embox is util which allows creating a special distributive for your exact purpose.
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Embox is a configurable RTOS designed for resource constrained and embedded systems. Embox main idea is using Linux software without Linux. Achievements.
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Embox LED lighting Because your Home Deserves the best...! Introducing a new product by team Embox One step towards the digital development of rural India Let's come up with us together we will...
Connect EMBox device stright to the USB port and permanently get rid of your obsolete Floppy Disk, Serial Ports and USB memory stick (if you don't have a USB port, you can easily replace the Floppy...
Embox - Интернет-магазин Chrome
Embox allows you to embed your favorite websites onto any webpage. After storing the URL in the extension, simply select where you want to place the website and Embox will automatically embed it...
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Since Embox is highly configurable project, it is necessary to specify modules to be built and params for them. Embox has several templates prepared, to list them use the following command
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I am interested in attempting to compile, package and flash Embox to an MCU, from either Observe what I believe to be the normal way of writing Embox apps and deploying/flashing them to an MCU