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Перевод слова employee, американское и британское произношение, транскрипция, словосочетания, примеры использования.
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employee [ˌemplɔɪˈi:]Существительное. employee / employees.
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An employee is a term for workers and managers working for a company, organization or community. These people are the staff of the organization. In general, any person hired by an employer to do a particular job in exchange for payment is an employee, but there are different kinds of employees.
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Borrowed from Middle French employé. Equivalent to employ +‎ -ee. IPA(key): /ɛmplɔɪˈiː/, /ˌɛmˈplɔɪiː/, /(ˌ)ɪm-/. Rhymes: -iː. employee (plural employees). An individual who provides labor to a company or another person.
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Employees synonyms, Employees pronunciation, Employees translation, English dictionary definition of Employees. also em·ploy·e n. A person who employee - a worker who is hired to perform a job.
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Employee definition: An employee is a person who is paid to work for an organization or for another person. | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples.
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Employment is a relationship between two parties, usually based on contract where work is paid for, where one party, which may be a corporation, for profit, not-for-profit organization...
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A2A 1.We use 's - For singular nouns to show possession.for example: employee's ID - means ID of 2.We use s'- For plural words.for example - when we say employees' - we are referring to more than...
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Employee definition, a person working for another person or a business firm for pay.
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Employee definition is - one employed by another usually for wages or salary and in a position below the executive level. variants: or less commonly employe. Definition of employee.
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Are you interested in understanding what an employee is? Find out all about what constitutes an organization's relationship with the people it employs.
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An employee is a person who works for an organization or a company on a part-time or full-time basis and receives compensation for the services rendered in form of a salary.
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Contractor versus employee. Employees and contractors have different rights and responsibilities. An employee is a person employed to do any work for hire or reward under a contract of services...
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