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In mathematics, the error function (also called the Gauss error function), often denoted by erf, is a complex function of a complex variable defined as: This integral is a special (non-elementary) and sigmoid function that occurs often in probability, statistics, and partial differential equations.
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This article describes the formula syntax and usage of the ERF function in Microsoft Excel. Description. Returns the error function integrated between lower_limit and upper_limit.
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Maple: Erf erf erf erf erf... Professor: epic fail. Instead of groaning, which could mean anything, you mutter "ERF!!" and those laying around the room also waking with hangovers acknowledge your state...
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Common mathematical functions. 1-3) Computes the error function of arg. 4) Type-generic macro: If arg has type long double, erfl is called. Otherwise, if arg has integer type or the type double, erf is called. Otherwise, erff is called.
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Calling erf for a number that is not a symbolic object invokes the MATLAB® erf function. For most symbolic (exact) numbers, erf returns unresolved symbolic calls.
ERF(x) returns the error function integrated between zero and x.
ERF(x) returns the error function integrated between zero and x.
Функция ошибок
Аргумент функции ошибок erf(x).
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The following is the error function and complementary error function table that shows the values of erf(x) and erfc(x) for x ranging from 0 to 3.5 with an increment of 0.01. erf(x). erfc(x). 0.0.
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double erf (double x); float erf (float x); long double erf (long double x)
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The erf(x) function is the error function (or normal error integral). The function has the limiting values erf(0) Note that erf(-x) = -erf(x) is an odd function of x and erf(x) = 2*(Normal Distribution Function...
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erf and erfinv are the error and inverse error functions. erfc and erfcinv are the complementary error function and its inverse. erfcx is the scaled complementary error function. erfz is the complex, erfi the...
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Function erf #. Compute the erf function of a value using a rational Chebyshev approximations for different intervals of x.