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The official website of the European Parliament, the directly elected legislative body of the European Union.
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The European Parliament (EP) is the legislative branch of the European Union and one of its seven institutions. Together with the European Commission and the Council of the European Union...
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Home » Europarliament. Europarliament. President of European Parliament elected. 18.01.2017. After the fourth ballot yesterday evening, Antonio Tajani has won.
EuroParliament debate - Turkey EU Accession - 28.03.2012 - YouTube
European Parliament debate on 28.03.2012 regarding the resolution on the report prepared by Turkey Rapporteur Ria Oomen-Ruijten MEP regarding the Turkey...
Europarliament to vote on Pirate Code — RT World News
Pirates in Parliament - it could happen this weekend as voters turn out for the EU elections. But its leaders say that, should they be granted a seat in the Europarliament after Sunday's vote, they may...
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Europarliament excludes sexual orientation from equality statement...
The European Parliament's bureau which comprised of the president and seven vice-presidents, has adopted a declaration of principles regarding diversity in the secretariat but voted to exclude sexual...
Europarliament to vote on Pirate Code - video dailymotion
Pirates in Parliament - it could happen this weekend as voters turn out for the EU elections. In Sweden - a political movement called 'The Pirate Party' - is sailing at full speed to steal some seats in Brussels.
KKE Europarliament Delegation: Solidarity with the FARC-EP political...
The Delegation of the Communist Party of Greece (KKE) in the European Parliament issued the following statement: "We express our solidarity with the dozens of FARC-EP fighters and other...
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