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Перевод слова expire, американское и британское произношение, транскрипция, словосочетания, однокоренные слова, примеры использования.
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Спряжение expire [ɪksˈpaɪə]Глагол. expire / expired / expired / expiring / expires. истекать.
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expire — [ek spīr′, ikspīr′] vt. expired, expiring [ME expiren < L exspirare < ex , out + spirare, to breathe: see SPIRIT] 1. to breathe out (air from the lungs) 2. Obs. to give off (an odor, etc.) vi.
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Borrowed from Middle French expirer, from Latin exspīrō, exspīrāre, from ex- ("out") + spīrō, spīrāre ("breathe, be alive"). IPA(key): /ɪkˈspaɪə(ɹ)/, /ɛkˈspaɪə(ɹ)/. Rhymes: -aɪə(ɹ). Hyphenation: ex‧pire. expire (third-person singular simple present expires, present participle expiring...
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Define expire. expire synonyms, expire pronunciation, expire translation, English dictionary 1. To come to an end; terminate: My membership in the club has expired. 2. To breathe one's last breath...
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Expire definition is - to breathe one's last breath : die. a : to exceed its period of validity The contract will expire next month. b : to pass its expiration date (see expiration date sense 2) This milk has...
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Expire was an American hardcore punk band from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, United States, active from 2009 to 2017. They were signed to Bridge 9 Records. Expire was formed in 2009. They released three full-length albums, three EPs and one split.
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Expire. 63,912 likes · 26 talking about this. Hardcore band from Milwaukee on Bridge 9 Records. See more of Expire on Facebook.
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expired. Imperative. expire. Present Participle (Participle I). expiring. they had been expiring. Future Indefinite, Active Voice. I shall/will expire.
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Expire definition: When something such as a contract , deadline , or visa expires , it comes to an end or is... | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples.
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expire meaning, definition, what is expire: if an official document expires, it can ... 3 literaryMXDIE if someone expires, they die Ophelia expires in Act IV of Hamlet.→ See Verb tableExamples from the...
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Expire definition, to come to an end; terminate, as a contract, guarantee, or offer. Origin of expire. 1375-1425; late Middle English <Latin ex(s)pīrāre to breathe out, equivalent to ex-ex-1 + spīrāre to...
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expired [ɪkˈspaɪəd] нареч. с истекшим сроком. expire [ɪksˈpaɪə] гл. истечь, истекать. Синонимы (v2). expire гл. elapse. terminate · run out · die · be over.
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Transferred all of my domains expiring in 2011. The requirement was enacted in 1965 as temporary legislation, to expire in five years, and applicable only to certain states.
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The expire command Deactivates the backup objects that you specify in the file specification or with the filelist option. You can specify an individual file to expire, or a file that contains a list of files to expire.
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