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Eye tracking is the process of measuring either the point of gaze (where one is looking) or the motion of an eye relative to the head. An eye tracker is a device for measuring eye positions and eye movement.
Tobii Gaming | Powerful Eye Tracking for PC Games
Tobii Eye Tracker 5 is the next generation of head and eye tracking, engineered for PC gaming. The only device capable of tracking both head and eye movements for game interaction, esports training...
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EyeTracking is a leading provider of eye tracking software and integrated solutions for training and usability applications.
10 Free Eye Tracking Software Programs [Pros and Cons] - iMotions
Webcam-based Eye Tracking Software. Many of the free eye tracking softwares above is that they only incorporate data from webcams and provide limited data analysis capabilities.
Eye Tracking 101: What is it & How does it work in real life? - Eyeware
Eye tracking is a key technology to help us understand human behavior and the underlying thinking processes. Overall, eye and gaze tracking technology provide invaluable insight and opportunities.
What is eye tracking? How is eye tracking valuable in research?
Get to know what eye tracking technology really is and how different eye tracking devices and software are applied for insights into human behavior in various research fields...
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Eye-tracking is an irreplaceable tool for understanding the effectiveness of branding and communication elements in terms of visual attention in advertising.
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Eye tracking involves measuring either where the eye is focused or the motion of the eye as an Equipment and software to perform eye tracking testing can be purchased through web and usability...
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Eye tracking API has been designed with a user's privacy in mind, avoiding passing any identifiable For eye-tracking capable applications, the user needs to grant app permission to use eye tracking...
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Eye-tracking technology gives you a way to gather that data, understand it, and utilize it. Read on to learn more, and take advantage of this cutting-edge innovation today with a...
What is Eye-Tracking? Benefits of Eye-Tracking in Research
Eye-tracking can provide valuable insight about visitor/customer preferences that surveys or other research methods can't always uncover. For example, while on-site surveys can be effective at...