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A feature toggle (also feature switch, feature flag, feature gate, feature flipper, conditional feature, etc.) is a technique in software development that attempts to provide an alternative to maintaining multiple branches in source code (known as feature branches)...
Feature Toggles (aka Feature Flags)
Expose current feature toggle configuration. Take advantage of structured Toggle Configuration files. Manage different toggles differently. Feature Toggles introduce validation complexity.
Feature Toggle
What is a Feature Toggle? In software development, a feature toggle is a mechanism that allows code to be turned "on" or "off" remotely without the need for a deploy.
GitHub - ericelliott/feature-toggle: A painless feature toggle system in...
A feature toggle system allows you to integrate features into your codebase even before they're Feature toggles can allow software integration cycles that run in weeks, days, or even hours, as...
Feature Toggles offers options to overcome to these challenges. My team has been working with feature Toggles for the last 18 months and have gone from using an internally developed, maintained...
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What are "Feature Toggles" and "Feature Branches" and what's the difference between them? I found some articles on Google regarding this, and I tend to be in the "Feature Toggles" camp, but I'm...
ALM Rangers - Software Development with Feature Toggles
Feature toggles are sometimes called feature flags, feature switches, feature flippers or conditional features. Feature toggles let you continuously integrate features while they're under development.
Introduction to Feature Flags in Java Using the Spring Boot Framework
Feature flag (also known as feature toggle or feature switch) is a technique that allows separating This makes feature toggles integral to the continuous delivery approach which facilitates quick and...
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Remark: Feature toggle and feature flag are synonyms. A flag in coding-land is commonly known A toggle in coding-land is generally the more dynamic flipping of the flag, 0<->1 , true <-> false, on...
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Feature Toggles & Trunk Based Development is a version control strategy in which developers commit their changes to the shared trunk of a source code repository with minimal branching.
Getting Started With the Swift iOS Feature Toggle - Rollout Blog
Feature toggles (also known as feature flags) are one way. They provide app developers with a way to add An iOS Feature Toggle. So let's imagine we want to replace our greeting with a different one...
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Feature toggles (or feature flippers) act like on/off switches. They let us continue development on the master The toggle manager can store the feature toggles in two different ways. One method is an...
How to use Feature Toggling in Angular Apps - Christian L├╝demann
Next, a feature toggle service is created in app/core of the application workspace: The feature toggle service has a method, isFeatureEnabled, to check if a feature is enabled.
How to implement a feature toggle in C# | InfoWorld
Take advantage of feature toggles to manage application features without having to maintain multiple source code branches.
9. Feature Toggle - Programming JavaScript Applications [Book]
A feature toggle system allows you to integrate features into your codebase even before they're finished and ready to release. During development, the features are toggled off by default.
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Conclusion: Feature toggles with Unleash. Unleash is a great service to implement in your microservice environment to enable feature toggles to be as flexible as possible.
Feature toggle in Spring Boot 2 | Dev in Web
See a feature toggle in a practical example implemented for a Spring Boot 2 application. Learn how the Spring framework can help you with basic use cases for the feature toggle approach.
What is a 'Feature Flag Toggle' and when to use them (or not)?
Feature toggles are a powerful technique, allowing teams to modify system behavior without And after digesting it a bit further, it seems that "Feature Toggles" and "Feature Flag Toggles" are pretty...
Feature Flags | GitLab
You can toggle a feature on and off to subsets of users, helping you achieve Continuous Delivery. Feature flags help reduce risk, allowing you to do controlled testing, and separate feature delivery...
What are Feature Toggles? | Split Glossary
Feature toggles, also known as feature flags, are components of software development that allow specific features of an application to be activated or deactivated at will.
Feature Toggle Management - Overview | OutSystems
The Feature Toggle Management is the management console that provides the interface to manage Features Toggles across multiple environments.
Togglz - Features flag for Java
Togglz is an implementation of the Feature Toggles pattern for Java. Feature Toggles are a very common agile development practices in the context of continuous deployment and delivery.
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Why Feature toggle? This is a common concept, but why use this directive instead solve it via server-side rendering? The idea of this directive is make this process transparent and easier.
Specifying feature toggles
Note: Feature toggles are lightweight configuration options. The feature toggle configuration files are read at CICS startup, immediately after system initialization reads the SIT parameters.
Feature flags - Trunk Based Development | Flags Are Toggles
Feature Flags are a time-honored way to control the capabilities of an application or service in a Flags Are Toggles. Industry Luminary, Martin Fowler, calls this technique 'Feature Toggles', and...