Prioritizing Features and Bugs in Software Development
It's often difficult to know whether to prioritize work on features or bugs. And sometimes, it can be hard to really tell which is which. I'm going to explain the terminology and the thought patterns…
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Standards and Bodies of Knowledge. BABOK. CMMI. IEEE standards. ISO 9001. ISO/IEC standards. PMBOK. SWEBOK. ITIL. IREB. Glossaries. Artificial intelligence. Computer science.
What is the difference between a bug and a feature? - Quora
Bug confirms a mismatch or failure based on the feature requirements and feature is an application functionality developed for customers. It can be a new requirement or changes in existing feature.
bug tracking - Bugs versus enhancement versus new feature
For example, do bugs always take priority - do you fix all known bugs before working on new features? Do you use a formal system for comparing the cost vs. value of each change in your backlog?
Is It a Bug Or A Feature? Who Cares? | the agile admin
A feature, or bug, or, God forbid, an "enhancement" or other middle road option, is simply a difference between the product you have and the product you want.
5 software bugs turned into features
5 bugs turned into features. Is it a feature or a bug? We decided to collect some examples when teams managed to turn a bug, or some weird behaviour into something useful and sometimes even...
Types of Bugs in Software Testing: 3 Classifications with Examples
We provide three classifications of software bugs with examples and explain the role of each classification in contributing to the success of the testing process.
Features and Bugs, by JayMan - The Unz Review
Features and Bugs. JayMan • February 21, 2016. There are many kinds of 'feature' and I don't think the person you are quoting as an authority sees many group selection features for what they are.
Bugs and Feature Requests - Docs
📝 Bugs and Feature Requests. Bugs are things on our platform that don't work as expected. Feature requests are new functionality that you will like to see added in the near future.
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Users can share a Feature without sharing a Bug, but if they want to share a Bug, they must also Users will be able to see all the Features and Bugs that have been added to the app, but will not be...
Bug vs Feature - What's the difference? | WikiDiff
As nouns the difference between bug and feature. is that bug is god while feature is (label) one's structure or make-up; form, shape, bodily proportions.
Define features and epics, organize backlog items... | Microsoft Docs
Define features and epics to organize your product and portfolio backlogs. Manage a portfolio of features that are supported by different development and management teams.
10 Bugs That Became Features | Business Insider
10 Tech Bugs That Became Real Features. So they figure out how to turn those "problems" into features. A user on Quora asks, "What are the best examples of software bugs that became...
[1905.02175] Adversarial Examples Are Not Bugs, They Are Features
After capturing these features within a theoretical framework, we establish their widespread existence in standard datasets. Finally, we present a simple setting where we can rigorously tie the phenomena...
List view for Bugs per Feature | Targetprocess - Enterprise Agility...
Bugs in Targetprocess can be related to Features directly, or within intermediate User Stories, or both ways. Bugs that have no direct relation to a Feature and are related to it within intermediate User...
History of New Features | Bug Fixes
New Features, Bugs, and History of Features and Bug Fixes. These new features and bug fixes are already contained in latest source code in the development branch of the...
Features and Bugs | JayMan's Blog
They are bugs, not features. Frequently features a good amount of data. Anatoly Karlin Commentary on HBD-related topics and other aspects of the biological world.
Bug vs Feature : ProgrammerHumor
Then, other times, an actual bug is a feature because the feature set includes being bug-compatible to some dinosaur. And then there are bugs that are features because they're actually useful.
Reporting bugs and requesting features | Django documentation
Reporting user interface bugs and features¶. If your bug or feature request touches on anything visual in nature, there are a few additional guidelines to follow: Include screenshots in your ticket which are...
27 Tips for finding bugs in your website
A bug in your application will not only ruin the usability of your website, but will In this article, we shall discuss some basic checklist that will enable you to deploy a bug-free web application in production.
Bugs and Suggestions | How can I report a bug or suggest a feature?
You are welcome to check out the existing suggestions and bugs, vote, or add your comments. How can I report a bug or suggest a feature? Use the text field at the top of your screen - try to search first.
New Features and Bugs | theCrag
Bug reports. Feature requests. Rate and share this article. Feel free to browse our issues list and see what bugs have been identified and also see what new features and ideas us and other...
Bugs and Features — VCV Rack documentation
Bugs and Features¶. VCV offers technical support of commercial VCV plugins by emailing For technical support of VCV Rack, open-source VCV plugins...
Bugs & Feature Requests | SpigotMC - High Performance Minecraft
All bugs and feature requests should be posted to JIRA. Bugs & Feature Requests. If you have a definite bug, or just want something new in Spigot, here is the place to ask!
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Some features may not be available for all regions or on all Apple devices. For information on the security content of Apple software updates, please visit this website: https...
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Requirements, features and functionality Bugs. Structural Bugs Data Bugs Coding Bugs Interface The interactions between these two features may have bugs. Every application has its peculiar set of...