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Fiasco may refer to: Fiasco (bottle), a traditional Italian straw-covered wine bottle often associated with Chianti wine. Fiasco (novel), a 1987 science-fiction novel by Stanisław Lem. Fíaskó (international title: Fiasco), 2000 Icelandic film.
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fiasco (n.) 1855, theater slang for "a failure in performance;" by 1862 it had acquired the general sense of "any ignominious failure or dismal flop," on or off the stage.
Fiasco definition is - a complete failure. How to use fiasco in a sentence.
: a complete failure The critic called the film a fiasco. … the total fiasco that was his personal life …— Margaret Atwood.
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fiasco. A complete failure that carries a connotation that, by better planning or execution , could have been avoided. The landfall of Katrina was a disaster ; the emergency response was a fiasco.
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Define fiasco. fiasco synonyms, fiasco pronunciation, fiasco translation, English dictionary definition of fiasco. n. pl. fi·as·coes or fi·as·cos A complete failure. American Heritage® Dictionary of the...
fiasco — fiasco1 [fē as′kō] n. pl. fiascoes or fiascos [Fr < It ( far) fiasco, to fail < fiasco, bottle fiasco — ► NOUN (pl. fiascos) ▪ a ludicrous or humiliating failure. ORIGIN Italian, bottle, flask , used...
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Fiasco: A Game of Powerful Ambition & Poor Impulse Control
Fiasco is a game about ordinary people with powerful ambition and poor impulse control. There will be big dreams and flawed execution. It won't go...
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"This is fiasco, bro: Two guys robbed a house, thinking that they were helping their friend pack and "Neymar is absent, match is behind closed doors. This is a real fiasco, bro". If using any of Russia...
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Fiasco definition, a complete and ignominious failure. Example sentences from the Web for fiasco. However, since quitting his job two months earlier, the entire fiasco made him sick to his stomach as...
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Fiasco Playsets: The Definitive Collection of Playsets for the Fiasco...
Many who play Fiasco do so for its potential to make things go completely insane. This gonzo approach to improvisational roleplay is a fresh respite from the rails of campaign play, and a wonderful stretch...