This is the first post of the series / This is the first post in the series
When writing a series in a blog, with which of the following sentences could you start the first sentence? Are they all correct, is only one correct, are there semantic or only aesthetic differences? '...' = the title of the series.
Why and How to Write a Blog Post Series
First things first: deciding what kind of topic will work for a series. The best types of serial posts are posts that give something an in-depth look, with As you can see, most of this advice has to do with planning ahead of time. Do the legwork, and you're sure to get more fresh eyes on your blog, as well...
How to Write a Series for Your Blog (and Why You'll Want To)
Have you ever written a series of posts for your blog - a set of posts that are deliberately linked together? If you haven't, I hope I can convince you to Some bloggers feel writing a series of posts is more daunting than writing individual posts. But it's often easier to come up with ideas for a ten-post...
To generate this document first define the numbering series - SAP Q&A
I am using Demo version of SAP B1 2007 B and have created one more series other than Primary for Sales Order. But while adding the SO document, I am facing the following error message. Sometimes it is also possible that you have not generated a numbering for this document and/or posting period.
The Caretaker - Everywhere At The End Of Time - Stages... - YouTube
STAGE 1 : 00:00:00 Here we experience the first signs of memory loss. This stage is most like a beautiful daydream. The glory of old age and recollection. These are the last embers of awareness before we enter the post awareness stages.
India v England: Virat Kohli and Bhuvneshwar Kumar seal series in...
The first-wicket stand of 94 came in only nine overs, but there was no respite for England, with Suryakumar hitting two glorious lofted drives for sixes off Adil Rashid from England have been keen to emphasise the importance of this series, with the World Cup in India now only seven months away.
MindCodec - Posts | Facebook
In the first post of this series I explained the optimal transport problem in its primal and dual form. This is the second post of our series about joint-contrastive inference. I suggest to read our previous post and the seminal blog post by Ferenc Huszár for the required background.
Unit Testing - Spring Boot Controller MultipartFile Request | Medium
Hello, this is my first post of unit testing in spring boot series. In our company writing unit test is a daily work like writing application code. Moreover, it is a part of definition of done in our scrum team. I'm not going to tell you what is unit test, what are the benefits of writing unit tests.
Post (TV Mini-Series) - IMDb
Post follows Sam-a young, talented, but near-sociopathic director-who is beat up by his entire cast and crew on the final day of filming his movie. When he realizes the last scene requires a re-shoot, he must suck up his pride and apologize to each of his wronged crew members individually.
Post-Series Status of Sentai Teams | RangerWiki | Fandom
This article is meant to be a complete table of whether each Sentai team remained active following the conclusion of their series. A Sentai's status can be "Active," "Partially Active," or "Inactive." A team that remains together and continues to fight in their Sentai forms is considered Active...
Everywhere at the End of Time - Wikipedia
Everywhere at the End of Time is the first series of albums by the Caretaker, released from 2016 to 2019 by English electronic musician James Leyland Kirby on his own self-operated record label...
Assumes series is complete rather than beginning or ongoing #7
So if you have the first post published and 2 more scheduled to be published later, readers see "This is Additionally or alternatively, any scheduled posts in the series could be counted toward the total, and The next post in this series, "How to Create a Series of Posts," will be published on June 30."
ML time series forecasting the right way | Towards Data Science
This post shows instead a complete example — from feature engineering to forecasting the future using different strategies — of a common Time series forecasting: forecasting is the most common practice in time series analysis. Given a time series, these techniques aim at predicting future values with a...
"This New Series" Or "These New Series" Why ?
I have seen many "This new series" on Google, but why ? Thanks for your help. English has some irregular plurals. For a few words, the plural form is exactly the same as singular. Series is one of these irregulars.
A Simple Strategy for Writing Your First Series of Blog Posts
Your first post might be, "10 Ways to Sell More Tickets for Your Next Event." Here is a basic template for writing your first post When you feel like you've done enough with the first series of tips, revisit your list of questions and follow the same format for your next series of posts.
A first PV of this series. - Forums -
Read the topic about A first PV of this series. on MyAnimeList, and join in the discussion on the largest online anime and manga database in the world! Join the online community, create your anime and manga list, read reviews, explore the forums, follow news, and so much more!
Also In This Series - WordPress plugin |
Fixed first post in series being assumed as current post when viewing non-single page. Added new framing option. Restrict the number of posts displayed in the series relative to the current post in a series. Feature only applies to auto-inserted series listing.
10+ Easy TV Series to Learn English | Learn English Online
Improve your English at any level with these easy TV series to learn English with. I will tell you today about the great TV series to learn English with. They are easier to understand than others if you just start practising natural English.
python - Pandas: change data type of Series to String - Stack Overflow
The id Series consists of some integers and strings. Its dtype by default is object. I want to convert all contents of id to strings. I tried astype(str), which produces the output below. the same result that I posted (undesired) or the result that you got with (desired)?
Browse through and take post series quizzes
Welcome to part three of this wonderful series! Don't worry, I'm not letting this series down! It just implies a lot of work to make quizzes like this, so sorry it takes so long for me to post them. If you're new to the series, the links are in the first question!
In this post, we are going to create POST PUT DELETE requests and by doing so we are going to If you want to see all the basic instructions and complete navigation for this series, please follow this link The first one is from the OwnerForCreationDto type to the Owner type because we accept the...
The Bad Beginning (A Series of Unfortunate.. | Best audiobooks in...
From the very first page of this book when the children are at the beach and receive terrible news, continuing on through the entire story, disaster lurks Please please PLEASE upload some more from this series! Hi can you post the beatrice letters and lemony snicket unauthorized autobiography?
The First Post Of 2020
This is not only my first post the year but also, my first post after several weeks of being inactive. In the last months of the previous year, I was working on a comprehensive series of posts about VMware, Workstation, AWS, and new categories I wanted to add to my blog.
Sum of n squares (part 1) (video) | Series | Khan Academy
What is the sum of the first n squares, 1 + 4 + 9 + 16 + ... + n²? In this video we begin the journey towards finding a formula for this sum.
API with NestJS #1. Controllers, routing and the module structure
When we handle POST and PUT in the controller above, we also need to access the body of a There are quite a few notable differences. First, we need to handle the routing of the controller ourselves. In the upcoming parts of this series, we will spend quite some time discussing the application structure...
This is about T-Series possible sub/follow botting. : youtube
Anyway this post is for disscusion so feel free to post your opinins down in the comments. As far as I can find online I have seen no proof of this auto subscribe to T-Series people keep talking about. As for the social media being almost dead interms of likes, favorites and shares, I have no clue since I...
'Watchmen' Has An Important Post-Credits Scene And TV Shows...
Watchmen has a post-credits scene that you will need to watch or hear about before next week. After this he's jailed and visited by the masked warden who reveals that he was actually the first ever Pre-order my new sci-fi novel Herokiller, and read my first series, The Earthborn Trilogy, which is also on...