A Complete Guide to Flexbox | CSS-Tricks | flex-basis
A flex container expands items to fill available free space or shrinks them to prevent overflow. Most importantly, the flexbox layout is direction-agnostic as opposed to the regular layouts (block which is...
CSS Flexbox (Flexible Box) | The flex-flow Property
The flex-wrap property specifies whether the flex items should wrap or not. The flex-flow property is a shorthand property for setting both the flex-direction and flex-wrap properties.
Flex (company) - Wikipedia
Flex Ltd. (previously known as Flextronics International Ltd. or Flextronics) is a Singaporean-domiciled multinational technological manufacturer.
The Flexbox Guide | flex-basis
flex. Introduction. Flexbox, also called Flexible Box Module, is one of the two modern layouts Change the horizontal alignment. justify-content has 5 possible values: flex-start: align to the left side of the...
GitHub - westes/flex: The Fast Lexical Analyzer - scanner generator for...
flex-announce@lists.sourceforge.net - where posts will be made announcing new releases of flex. flex-help@lists.sourceforge.net - where you can post questions about using flex.