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Fluent brings the fundamentals of principled design, innovation in technology, and customer needs It's a collective approach to creating simplicity and coherence through a shared, open design system...
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Fluent Design System (codenamed Project Neon), officially unveiled as Microsoft Fluent Design System, is a design language developed in 2017 by Microsoft.
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This is everything fluent design system. Stories from the thinkers and tinkerers at Microsoft. Sharing sketches, designs, and everything in between.
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Introducing a new design system for the next wave of creativity across Windows devices. Fluent Design will deliver intuitive, harmonious...
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Microsoft announced the Fluent Design System as the new design language for Windows 10. This was the first major refresh for UI of Windows Operating System after Windows 8's Metro Design.
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Microsoft recently unveiled their Fluent Design System, which is intended for use on a wide range of Windows 10-based devices (i.e. Universal Windows Platform (UWP) Apps).
A look at Microsoft's progress bringing Fluent Design to Windows 10
The Fluent Design System is an ongoing design language journey. It's not touched every part of Windows 10 and Microsoft's apps, so let's check in on how well the new design being used.
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Learn about Fluent Design System. The Designership is a design community dedicated to help designers meet, share, learn & grow with others from all around the world.
Fluent Design System
Fluent Design is a design language developed in 2017 by Microsoft. Microsoft announced Fluent Design on 11 May 2017, at the Microsoft Build 2017 developer's conference.
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Now called Fluent Design System, this project will slowly change the look and feel of all Windows apps. Transition to Fluent Design System will take place slowly over the course of next few months.
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Windows could for the first time ever have a bunch of apps that actually look good.
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Fluent Design System is designed to be the true successor to Microsoft's Metro design, and will appear across apps and services on Windows, iOS, and Android.
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But for all the hoopla over the Fluent Design System (previously known as Project Neon) and its new aesthetic philosophy, we only got the brief look at it during Microsoft's Day 2 Build keynote.
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Microsoft Fluent Design System. In 2017 Microsoft launched the next evolution of it's design language: Fluent Design.
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Microsoft announces Fluent Design System, new design language for everything Microsoft , that At the 2017 Microsoft Build Conference, the company announced the Fluent Design System...
Meet the Microsoft Fluent Design System
Key aspects of the Microsoft Fluent Design System are as follows. Material: A graphical solution which emulates the "sensory and invigorating" feel of the materials that things around us are made of.
GitHub - sourcechord/FluentWPF: Fluent Design System for WPF.
MIT License. About. Fluent Design System for WPF. theme c-sharp xaml wpf acrylic fluentdesign fluent-design.
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Fluent Design System (codenamed Project Neon), officially unveiled as Microsoft Fluent Design System. , is a design language developed in 2017 by Microsoft.
Microsoft's Fluent Design System revamps File Explorer
Microsoft recently revealed its new Fluent Design System that is supposed to cover everything from its phones and to its work with virtual reality.
See Windows 10's new look: Microsoft's Fluent Design System in action
The Fluent Design System will overhaul the OS not only to be more visually appealing, but also to make its interfaces more intuitive to use. Building on the touch-first ethos of Microsoft's earlier Project...
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They were talking about the Fluent Design System--a new framework they're Fluent Design is defined by a set of guiding principles--light, depth, motion, material, and scale--that Microsoft is slowly...