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Контакты. 101000, Москва, ул. Мясницкая, 11. тел: +7 (495) 628-02-12 факс: +7 (495) 625-03-67 e-mail: foresight@hse.ru.
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Foresight Analytics Platform is the software enterprise solution that delivers both traditional BI and advanced analytics, and business process management (BPM) tools.
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Перевод слова foresight, американское и британское произношение, транскрипция, словосочетания, однокоренные слова, примеры использования.
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Foresight may refer to: Corporate foresight. Foresight (psychology), ability to predict or plan for the future, often termed "vision" in management/business context. another name for precognition. Fore sight (surveying), short for "fore sight reading"...
Foresight Institute - Advancing Beneficial Technologies
Foresight Institute is a non-profit organization focused on advancing technologies of fundamental importance for the future of life. Foresight is entirely funded by your donations.
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Taylor Davidson Founder, Foresight. I created the financial models behind Foresight so early-stage entrepreneurs can spend less time on finance and more time on their products.
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Последние твиты от Foresight (@foresighthq). Tools and templates used by 19,400+ entrepreneurs and investors to build financial projections for their businesses.
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Foresight Group is a leading infrastructure and private equity investment manager with c.£6.8 bn of assets under management. For more info call 020 3667 8100.
Foresight - Designing A Future For Health
FORESIGHT, a partnership of 17 philanthropies from across the United States, is the first initiative of its kind to design a bold, new future for health—together. Everyone deserves to enjoy good health and...
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Foresight definition is - an act or the power of foreseeing : prescience. How to use foresight in a sentence. 2 : provident care : prudence had the foresight to invest his money wisely.
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What foresight means, the different types of foresight activities, who is involved. Types of foresight activities Who contributes to foresight for research and innovation policy?
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Foresight definition, care or provision for the future; provident care; prudence.
Foresight AI
FORESIGHT AI Driving Our Autonomous Future With Data. Foresight AI is building a global-scale data and intelligence platform for autonomous vehicles and other mobile robots.
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Define foresight. foresight synonyms, foresight pronunciation, foresight translation, English dictionary definition of foresight. n. 1. The ability or action of imagining or anticipating what might...
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Foresight is transforming the quality and efficiency of mental healthcare. Personalized Member Profile. Your personal profile assists your doctor accurately and quickly identify the optimal treatment for you.
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Foresight is a systematic, participatory, future-intelligence-gathering and medium-to-long-term vision-building process aimed at enabling present-day decisions and mobilizing joint actions.
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Foresight Augmented Reality (FAR) brings a voice to the physical world for those who are blind or visually impaired. We do this by creating Smart Cities using the combination of our FAR Vision...
ForeSight Visual Acuity Software
Introducing ForeSight, the future in computerized acuity systems. Fully featured Free Visual Acuity ForeSight Oculi. Windows: Windows 8.1 or Windows 10 (64-bit) Mac: Requires Mac OS X v10.9.x...