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A Podcast for Indie Game Developers Looking to Market Their Own Games. Video Podcast • Audio Podcast Hosted by AAA Vet and Indie Developer Jack Dalrymple and brought to you by Cap And Cut.
Mobile Game Marketing
If you have a mobile game, read App Samurai's mobile game marketing articles. If you're familiar with any of the giant triple-A game studios of the world, you might have heard this phrase being...
Marketing simulation game - Wikipedia
Marketing simulation games provide participants with an interactive method of testing out marketing decisions in an environment which is virtual or which has game characteristics. Common game topics belong to categories such as: marketing strategy, product positioning, pricing strategies...
14 Indie Game Marketing Tips - Aprofita - Medium
Game marketing sounds scary, but in reality it can be done with relatively small efforts and investments. Just make your plan, set up your goals and do it all step by step. It doesn't guarantee...
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The Games Marketing Story. About. The world's leading provider of proprietary table games to the online industry. About.
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The use of our Virtual Game Marketing to affect consumer behavior is without limits and it is useful for businesses engage, attract, interact with, increase lead generation and so much more.
Global Games Market Revenues 2018 | Per Region... | Newzoo
The global games market will reach $137.9Bn in 2018 with mobile game revenues at $70.3 billion. PC games and console games will generate $32.9Bn and $34.6Bn, respectively.
Game-Marketing.de - Ihr Game Marketing Shop
Without marketing, the best ideas might go nowhere, and conversely the Hindenberg might be But marketing extends beyond the business world, too. In the game of life, people are constantly selling...
Game Marketing Agency | AMP
AMP is a Console and Mobile Game Marketing Agency with Social Media Capabilities. In the hyper-competitive gaming sector, making a splash at launch is just the first level.
Indie Game Marketing | Marketing for Game Developers | RenGen
Making a game isn't easy. Marketing a game doesn't have to be. RenGen believes in helping game devs with an honest approach to indie game marketing.
Purchase Game Reviews & Downloads - Apps & Games Marketing
Games Marketing leads Mobile App Promotion, through user acquisition and , excellent reviews & downloads. You can Purchase App Reviews or Downloads.
The MASSIVE Indie Game Marketing Post (And How To Get Started!)
Marketing is probably the biggest topic in the indie game universe right now. Even if you've never finished your first game, you've probably already given thought to the way you might get it out there...
PocketWhale - Video Game Marketing Agency
Video Game Marketing Agency - Mobile, PC & Console. PocketWhale is a video game creative and marketing agency focusing on mobile, PC and console games.
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game-marketing game marketing. Michael Mendheim: From Million Dollar Marketing Budget to game-marketing game marketing. Jason Canam, Household Games: Removing Accessibility...
The Fundamentals of Pricing Indie Game Marketing : gamedev
A Foundational Indie Game Marketing Budget. All indie games do at least these 6 things prior to Your Game Marketing Budget Will Eventually Reveal Itself. It's impossible to put a certified, and...
GameMarketeers - The marketing heaven for Indie's!
Do you have a game marketing related issue? Mobile marketing has made the world a global village. The interesting trend of smartphone owners having their device at close reach has created an...
Game Market - Wikipedia
Game Market (ゲームマーケット) is a Japanese gaming convention featuring "analog games" that do not require electricity, such as board games and card games. The event was first held in Tokyo on April 2, 2000.
Game Marketing For Beginners | Feedough
Thanks to marketing in the gaming industry. One of the most important factors for an effective marketing campaign is the engagement with the consumers.
Indie Game Marketing by Black Shell Media LLC | GameMaker...
Spam marketing, no ethics, no respect to anyone. Black Shell Media is easily the worst "game marketing company" that I know of, and by a huge margin. Their actions can be characterized as...
Game Marketing Strategy: Mapping Out Your Path to Success
Video Game Marketing Strategy: Why It Matters. In order for individual game marketing efforts to be effective, they must be organized around a central strategy.
The 5 Best Mobile Game Marketing Examples With Influencers
The mobile gaming industry is taking off, generating over $50B annually. Discover 5 of the most creative mobile game marketing influencer campaigns here
UltraShock Gaming - Impactful Game Marketing
The digital marketing firm for the gaming industry. Dedicated experienced marketing professionals with a 1,000,000+ gamer reach ready to tend to your needs.