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Genba (現場, also romanized as gemba) is a Japanese term meaning "the actual place". Japanese detectives call the crime scene genba, and Japanese TV reporters may refer to themselves as reporting from genba.
Гемба (менеджмент) - это... Что такое Гемба (менеджмент)?
Taiichi Ohno ' s Workplace Management by Taiichi Ohno ( 2007 ), Translated by Jon Miller , Gemba Press , ISBN978-0-9786387-5-7 , ISBN0-9786387-5-1.
Gemba - Lean Manufacturing and Six Sigma Definitions
Gemba (also written as genba) is a Japanese word meaning "the actual place." In lean practices, the gemba refers to "the place where value is created," such as the shop floor in manufacturing, the...
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The Many Sides of a Gemba Walk
A gemba (and sometimes genba) walk is the term used to describe personal observation of work - where the work is happening. The original Japanese term comes from gembutsu, which means "real...
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Lean Gemba Definition: The Real Place. (Plus listen to a 4 minute MP3)
We define gemba and talk about what it means to Lean managers and employees. Plus listen to a 4 minute gemba MP3 to learn to put the concept to use.
What is Gemba? Gemba Walk?
What is Gemba is a common question when one is first learning Lean. In this article, I'll explain the concept of > The concept of the Gemba means "the place where value is added" - which means...
What is a Gemba Walk and Why is it Important? - Six Sigma Daily
A Gemba Walk can have a dramatic impact on an organization. By closely observing "the place where value is created" and listening to employees, project leaders and business managers give themselves...
The Ultimate Guide to the Gemba Walk | Definition, How-To... - Tulip
Regular gemba walks ensure managers observe their shop floor's operational reality. Gemba walks highlight how processes on the floor differ from standard operating procedures (SOPs).
Wondering What Is Going to Gemba? | Gemba Solutions
What is Gemba? We're passionate about listening and learning, understanding and delivering, and Using our knowledge and experience of the industry, we developed our Gemba software to help...
Gemba Walk: Where the Real Work Happens
Gemba walk is an opportunity to capture topics and concerns related to how effectively your team is performing. Learn what you should do when doing a Gemba walk.
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Why you need to do a Gemba walk
Gemba walks are commonplace and very powerful for Lean Leaders in the manufacturing industries The simple answer is yes. Here are 3 reasons why a regular Gemba walk will benefit any innovation...
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Gemba - Lean Manufacturing Gemba Walk | Graphic Products
Gemba is one of the key principles of lean manufacturing and the Toyota Production System. Gemba is roughly translated from the Japanese as the real place. In this sense, real refers to where the action is...
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