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$ wget -q -O - --no-check-certificate https://raw.github.com/petervanderdoes/gitflow-avh/develop/contrib/gitflow-installer.sh install stable...
Gitflow Workflow | Atlassian Git Tutorial
Gitflow Workflow is a Git workflow that helps with continuous software development and implementing DevOps practices. It was first published and made popular by Vincent Driessen at nvie.
GitHub - nvie/gitflow: Git extensions to provide high-level repository...
gitflow-common. Create a git_do command to log git actions. Put all common functions into separate file gitflow-common.
GitFlow | Get Git Into Your Workflow
What is GitFlow. Using version control such as git is advantageous and desired by most developers. Integrating git into existing workflows and procedures can be a barrier to adoption.
Кратко о git-flow | RuWhyNot
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Gitflow: The Easy Release Management Workflow
Simplify Gitflow with GitKraken. The Gitflow model helps manage and organize a release better by If you choose to fully embrace the tenants of Gitflow order, you can use them with the legendary...
Gitflow - GitKraken Documentation
Gitflow is a list of rules to keep a repo's history organized, and is used to make the release process, bug fixes, and feature creation easier. GitKraken Documentation Gitflow. Type to start searching.
Gitflow — Branch Guide. What Is GitFlow? | by Rafael... | Medium
Background — GitFlow is a branching model for Git, created by Vincent Driessen. It has attracted a lot of attention because it is very well suited to collaboration and scaling the development team…
Implementing GitFlow Using AWS CodePipeline, AWS CodeCommit...
This post provides a high-level framework for how to implement GitFlow using AWS CodePipeline As we'll explain later, GitFlow involves creating multiple levels of branching off of master where changes...
gitlab - What are the pros and cons of git-flow vs... - Stack Overflow
1. "classic" GitFlow tags at master. However it is still experimental flow (so you don't see it in most of the Gitflow Intros) - Adrian Shum Nov 29 '17 at 6:23.
Getting Started with GitFlow - Simple Talk
Getting Started with GitFlow. In this article, Diogo Souza explains GitFlow, a branching model for Git. He demonstrates how to work with GitFlow to create and deploy a feature and a hotfix to GitHub.
Using git-flow to automate your git branching workflow
git-flow is a library of git subcommands that helps automate your branching and release workflow workflow, using Vincent Driessen's successful branching model.
Automating Your Java Project Workflow with a Modified Gitflow...
Gitflow is a collaborative branching model that exploits the power, speed and simplicity of Git branching. This article provides a flavor of Gitflow that can be used with automated builds.
gitflow - npm
After that initialize the local gitflow repository with gitflow itself The publish/track feature of gitflow simplify the creation of a remote branch and its tracking.
Please stop recommending Git Flow! - George Stocker
Gitflow violates the "Short-lived" branches rule. In git, the number of merge conflicts with people committing to a branch will increase with the number of people working on that branch.
Git Flow vs. Trunk Based Development | Toptal
Here the gitflow and trunk based development pro and cons is dicussed. Do you have a reference for gitflow implying pull requests or code reviews? Just curious, I dont see them in the original git-flow...
Presentation — git-flow 1.0 documentation
Many GIT software are aware of gitflow, or can be if you install a simple plugin; check their respective documentation. If you use command line, there are numerous ways to get usefull informations...
Extension for Visual Studio Code - Adds GitFlow support to VS Code
gitflow-avh Implementation for Visual Studio Code. This extension adds support for the feature branching strategy described here in Vincent Driessen's branching model.
Gitflow - DEV Community
gitflow content on DEV Community. Git branching done right with Gitflow & improving code quality with code reviews.
Read Git Flow | Leanpub
This Git Flow mashup is derived from Vincent Driessen's A Successful Git Branching Model and Atlassian's Gitflow Workflow. Credit is due to them. I've simply mashed up the two sources, edited...