GNOME 2.22 Release Notes
GNOME 2.22 is the latest version of the GNOME Desktop: a popular, multi-platform desktop environment for your computer. GNOME's focus is ease of use, stability, and first class...
Gnome 2.22 - Mint 5 - The Linux Mint Blog
If you haven't already done so, have a look at the Gnome 2.22 release notes. As usual the latest release of Gnome comes with a lot of subtle improvements which are described and illustrated in the...
GNOME - Wikipedia
GNOME (/ɡəˈnoʊm, ˈnoʊm/) is a free and open-source desktop environment for Unix-like operating systems. GNOME was originally an acronym for GNU Network Object Model Environment...
Gentoo Linux, GNOME 2.22, Compiz-Fusion 0.7.6 - YouTube
I decided to make some video about linux and it is a little presentation of Compiz-Fusion effects on Gentoo Linux with GNOME 2.22 as my DE.
Where is Gnome 2.22's "Remote Desktop Viewer" ? / Arch Linux Forums
How do I install the "Remote Desktop Viewer"? It's included in the latest 2.22 release of gnome, but I can't find it with pacman. Vinagre is available in aur, but is old. (v0.4).
GNOME 2.22.2 Released | Linux Compatible
GNOME 2.22.2 Stable Release is now available. This is the second update to GNOME 2.22. Come and see all the bug fixing, all the new translations and all the updated documentation brought to you by the...
Index of /gnome/desktop/2.22/2.22./sources
Index of /gnome/desktop/2.22/2.22./sources. Name Last modified Size Description.
GNOME 2.22 focuses on utilities and standard applications
Mon, 17 Mar 2008 15:00:00 GMT As you might expect, GNOME 2.22, the latest version If the release has a focus, it is on utilities, ranging from added features in standard GNOME applications such as...
Enable Metacity Compositing in GNOME 2.22 | Tombuntu
In GNOME 2.22, included in Ubuntu 8.04, the default Metacity window manager has compositing built in. This means that you can get your eye candy effects without switching window managers!
Gentoo ~x86 Gnome 2.22.1 -
Gentoo ~x86 Gnome 2.22.1 is part of Libre Artwork (Icons, Cursors, Wallpapers), which is supported by the following people: mark this product as clone. More Gnome Screenshots from marrowhk
2.22.2 : gnome-desktop
gnome-desktop 2.22.2. Milestone information. Project: gnome-desktop. Series: main. Version: 2.22.2. Released: 2009-10-20.
Index of /pub/GNOME/desktop/2.22/2.22.1/sources
gnome-backgrounds-2.22..tar.gz. gnome-control-center-2.22.1.tar.bz2.
yoseforb / gnome-terminal / gnome-2-22 — Bitbucket
change destination. gnome-2-22. Translation updated by Ivar Smolin 2008-03-23 Priit Laes <plaes at svn dot gnome dot org> * et.po: Translation updated by Ivar Smolin svn path=/branches/gnome-2-22...
Yaru Remix GNOME 40. Gnome Shell Themes by muqtxdir. 65 comments. McOS-themes GTK3/4 Themes. 22. Mkos-Big-Sur Full Icon Themes.
GNOME (@gnome) | Твиттер
Последние твиты от GNOME (@gnome). Creators of the GNOME Project, GTK, Flatpak, and other open source technologies.
214260 - (gnome2.22-tracker) [TRACKER] GNOME 2.22 Official...
gnome2.22-tracker. Product: Gentoo Linux. This is a tracker bug, _not_ a place to resolve problems. If you have any issues with Gnome 2.22, please open a new bug.
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