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google-analytics google-analytics-api userid. To employ User-ID, you must be able to generate your own unique IDs, assign IDs to new users and consistently reassign the same IDs to returning users, and include these IDs in the data you send to Analytics.
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In this video I show you how to setup User IDs in Google Analytics. If you want to create your own unique user IDs for users in GA either from your product...
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Google Analytics User ID is a unique set of alphanumeric characters (like UD23ddd3432) assigned to a user so that he/she can be identified across devices/ browsers and over the course of multiple sessions. Through 'user-id', you can create and assign your own unique IDs to track unique users...
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Without Google Analytics User ID feature you would see three different users visiting your website. The first one is using a smartphone and is visiting many pages and products on your website. The second user prefers a tablet and seems to be interested but then, suddenly leaves the site.
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#1. What is the User ID feature in Google Analytics? User-ID lets you associate a persistent ID for a single user with that user's engagement data When you send Google Analytics an ID and related data from multiple sessions, your reports tell a more unified, holistic story about a user's relationship...
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So User ID is amazing, but it isn't perfect either. Why? Well, odds are only a small portion of your audience will actually log in across multiple devices. If they haven't logged in and the User ID hasn't been sent, then Google Analytics can't tie the data together.
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How User ID Works? According to Justin Cutroni an Analyst Evangelist at Google, most analytics tools assign a random identifier to measure users called Client-ID. On websites the JavaScript code creates the identifier and stores it in a cookie on the browser.
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Analytics interprets each unique user ID as a separate user, which provides a more accurate user count in your reports. User-ID enables the association of one or more sessions (and the activity within those sessions) with a unique and persistent ID that you send to Analytics.