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In an amazing demo at Google I/0, Google's Assistant can actually ring up a salon or a restaurant to make an appointment for you. You don't have to call...
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Google Duplex is a new project from Google that is currently live in the majority of the US. It allows certain users to make a restaurant reservation by phone.
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Google Duplex is a big leap in the evolution of artificial intelligence (A.I.). No, it won't lead to human-like robots that can do the laundry or go shopping like in the movie I, Robot (at least not anytime soon).
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The latest news from Google AI. Google Duplex: An AI System for Accomplishing Real-World Tasks Over the Phone.
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What is Google Duplex? It's a new tool from Google that aims to use Artificial intelligence (AI) to "accomplish real-world tasks over the phone" according to Google's AI researchers and developers.
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Google Duplex is a Google Assistant system able to ring up your hairdressers and set you up an appointment, but how does it work? Google Duplex isn't designed to replace humans altogether.
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Google Duplex's flashiest capability lets it book appointments on your behalf. However, Google is also leveraging the Duplex conversation technology to update store hours, and now check inventory.
What is Google Duplex and how does it work?
Google Duplex is a technology powering a new Google Assistant feature. Billed as a completely automated system, Google Duplex can essentially make calls for you, but with a...
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To make Google Duplex so realistic, Google used all of its collected conversation data and its Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) technology to provide data points for the machine learning model.
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It came through Google Duplex, a free service that uses artificial intelligence to call restaurants and — mimicking a human voice — speak on our behalf to book a table.
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Google Duplex is an AI assistant that can actually talk to humans to get what you need. Powered by Google's powerful AI and tucked into Google Assistant, you'll be able to book reservations and...
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Google Duplex promises to take tasks like booking appointments and put them in the hands of human-sounding robots. Here's a rundown of what we know so far.