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Apache Wave is a discontinued software framework for real-time collaborative editing online. Google originally developed it as Google Wave.
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Google Wave is a new web application designed to help you get stuff done with groups of people.... The Google Wave team took a step back and considered what type of communication could be built...
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Google Wave will be shut down in April 2012. This page details the implication of the turn down In this stage, all the Google Wave servers will be shut down and you will no longer be able to get to your...
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Google Wave has a lot of innovative features, but here are just a few - Natural language: Google Wave can autocorrect your spelling, even going as far as knowing the difference between similar...
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Google Wave is currently in preview. During this preview period, we look forward to hearing feedback from groups people on the different ways to use Wave. We will also continue building key features...
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Google Wave is one of the most hyped but least understood services Google has ever launched. Part of the problem is that—while it's about collaboration and real-time communication—it has no direct...
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Google Wave was a collaborative communications tool introduced by Google at the 2009 I/O Conference. The technology combines real time chat with wiki-type editing of any "blip", or individual wave segment. There are also "robots" that automate tasks inside waves.
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The latest Tweets from Google Wave (@googlewave). This account is no longer active. Please follow @google for ongoing updates.
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My understanding is that Google wave is a communications and collaboration tool. Say I want to build a collaborative photo editing app with google wave. which API should I use? or am I not getting it?
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Update: The Google Wave team has enabled the "Remove" button for bots only, obviating the need for Bouncy. To remove an unwanted bot from a wave, click on its icon at the top o the wave and lean on...
Hello World, Meet Google Wave
This morning at Google I/O we are unveiling a developer preview of Google Wave , a new collaboration and communication product.
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Google Wave launches application store. Viral video chart Viral video chart: Let's squish our fruit together. The networker Google makes a new wave and transforms the browser.
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Google wave ais a tool that allows for real time communication and collaboration. A wave is equal parts conversation and document. People can communicate and work together with richly formatted...