Haml (HTML abstraction markup language) is based on one primary principle: markup should be It's not just beauty for beauty's sake either; Haml accelerates and simplifies template creation down to...
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Haml (HTML Abstraction Markup Language) is a templating system that is designed to avoid writing inline code in a web document and make the HTML cleaner. Haml gives the flexibility to have some dynamic content in HTML.
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By default Haml usually defaults to the XHTML DOCTYPE. I say usually because if you're using Rails 3 then With more tags being added it should become more apparent how Haml uses whitespace and...
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Haml is a markup language predominantly used with Ruby that cleanly and simply describes the You can also use Haml on a project independent of Ruby, by installing the Haml gem on your machine...
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Haml is the next step in generating views in your Rails (also in PHP) application. Haml is a refreshing take that is meant to free us from the shitty templating languages we have gotten used to.
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Haml Syntax Basics. haml --help → basic doc. haml --version → show version. there are 2 classes of haml syntax. One is "static", one is "dynamic". Static ones simply convert text to HTML.
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Haml ported to server-side Javascript. This is a traditional server-side...
haml-js - Server side templating language for JavaScript. Ever wanted to use the excellent HAML syntax on a javascript project? This has most of the same functionality as the traditional haml.
A protip by sativaware about rails, haml, and sinatra.
Haml is a markup language that is used to cleanly and simply describe the HTML of any web HAML can easily be integrated with both Sinatra and Ruby on Rails - which allows you to write your views in...
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HAML is Hypertext Abstraction Markup Language. The creators of Haml designed this handy dandy tool for one sole purpose — simplify markup cleanliness, readability, and production…
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HAML is a markup language that's used to cleanly and simply describe the HTML of any web document without the use of inline code. It can be used as a standalone HTML generation tool or as a template...
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Enter url of page you would like to convert to haml. Updated to Html2Haml Gem 2.0.0.beta.1 and Haml 4.0.5. ** Uses ruby19 attributes where it can.
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Installing haml-js in node. There wasn't a standard package manager for node when this was written A simple HAML based site. As you saw in the last section, you can test it from a node session, but...
This Haml bundle currently supports the following filters To add more you can simply copy and paste one of the captures in the ruby haml.cson file and make the changes necessary to support your filter...
This gives you a library to parse HAML templates, and also registers the .haml extension with rails. What this means is that to start using HAML you only need to rename your template from...
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Haml makes writing HTML much easier, and when I say "much easier" The main disadvantage of using HAML over HTML is simply that HTML is just about universal among web developers, where as...
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Haml and Sass have been used in Ruby for sometime to simplify templates (Haml) and make CSS more intelligent, flexible and manageable (Sass). This extension brings Haml and Sass to Yii.
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Haml is a markup language that's used to cleanly and simply describe the HTML of any web HAML is an open source tool with 3.6K GitHub stars and 564 GitHub forks. Here's a link to HAML's open...
Infobox_Software name = Haml. developer = Hampton Catlin, Nathan Weizenbaum Haml (XHTML Abstraction Markup Language) is a markup language that is used to cleanly and simply describe the...
Templating with ERB & HAML - Jumpstart Lab Curriculum
HAML was developed by Hampton Caitlin as pushback against the "heavy" nature of HTML and He started HAML by taking an ERB template and making one assumption: white space will be significant.