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Перевод контекст "has already received" c английский на русский от Reverso Context: The Mechanism has already received significant data from Egypt, Bulgaria, South Africa and Kenya.
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Many translated example sentences containing "has already received" - Russian-English dictionary and search engine for Russian translations.
Have you already received / Has the package arrived | Forum
1. Have you already received the package/delivery? or 2. Has the package/delivery reached you? Are both correct? I feel #1 is common and wondering if #2 can be possible.
I already received or I've already received?
Having already received a visit this morning from a man who I believe to have been a police officer I've called this press conference in anticipation of my arrest. Tell Cesareo that I already received the...
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The Commission has already received around thirty final reports for the projects it is managing directly. Of the five countries visited three have already received variable tranches.
Which is grammatically correct 'has been already' or 'has... - Quora
"Has been already," vs "has already been". What is the difference between these two phrases? Thus, the difference in emphasis and tone do make a difference in how the message is received.
Covid vaccinations: No reason to stop using AstraZeneca... - BBC News
Around 5 million Europeans have already received the AstraZeneca jab. In the UK, more than 11 million people have already received at least one dose of the vaccine and there has been no sign of...
I received a "This phone number has already been taken" message
If you received the message "This phone number has already been taken" when adding a phone number to an account, it means the phone number is already associated with another Microsoft...
i have already received - Bing
I have already received one e-mail from a man who thinks he cannot handle monogamy, has Well, I've already received Lieutenant Gardener's résumé. Even now, I've already received so much from...
Thousands of Israelis test POSITIVE for Covid-19 despite receiving...
...jab, including 69 who had received their second dose, the country's Health Ministry said. months, some 2.15 million people received Pfizer/BioNTech jabs, with 300,000 already getting both shots.
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3. Students who have already received their first degree are called (postgraduates/undergraduates).
Reply message received but the receiving thread has already...
I have a flow that uses a pub/sub channel based gateway with 2 subscribers to send message to 2 SQS queues. In between I have chain to do message transformation. An aggregator is used to summarize...
I Have Already/I Have Received My Payment?
I have already received my payment from my office. It adds some emphasis. eg You don't need to mail me a second cheque. I have already received the one you sent last week.
Which one is correct?? I have received the item or I received the item..
I have received the item emphasizes that you have something new, it has arrived and you share it with whoever you want, it is present perfect. e.g. I have just received the item.