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Hekaton is a giant mythical creature. The people who settled on Stygia knew her only as a myth, but had never really witnessed her. Grayson Hunt destroys her eggs and Hekaton decides to come out and hunt him down.
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Hekaton was the storm giant king until sometime after the War of the Silver Marches. Hekaton ruled the storm giants but asserted his authority over all races of giants. Just before the time of the shattering of the ordning, receiving no more answers from the giant pantheon...
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Hekaton (also known as SQL Server In-Memory OLTP) is an in-memory database for OLTP workloads built into Microsoft SQL Server. Hekaton was designed in collaboration with Microsoft Research and was released in SQL Server 2014.
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Ketra's Hero Hekaton (Герой Кетра Хекатон). Ketra's Hero Hekaton (Герой Кетра Хекатон) — Рейдовый Босс 80 уровня Humanoids расы. Обитает в локациях Ketra Orc Outpost (Застава Орков Кетра).
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Hekaton is a new database engine optimized for memory resident data and OLTP workloads. Hekaton is fully integrated into SQL Server; it is not a separate system. To take advantage of Hekaton, a user...
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This is a Hekaton. It's huge and it's looking for you. Here's what happens when it finds you. Join my Discord Server for chat and good times - discord.gg/e2QWWQU Hekaton is a giant mythical creature.
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Ketra's Hero Hekaton. Уровень. 80.
What is Hekaton?
In a very simple and quick explanation, Hekaton is new feature coming with SQL Server 2014 to handle in-memory processing for OLTPs. Actually it is something live xVelocity for OLAP.
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MapleStory Morass: Arkarium + Hekaton dialogue illustrations. To most, Hekaton is merely a petty cruel spirit who yearns to make others suffer, and has garnered more dislike then most amongst his...
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Герой Кетра Хекатон. Ketra's Hero Hekaton - Raid Boss.
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Hekaton, Praha. 24 likes. melotech death metal from Prague. See more of Hekaton on Facebook.
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Scout of Hekaton Raid Fighter Разведчик Хекатона. Servant of Hekaton Raid Fighter Слуга Хекатона.
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Hekaton is a memory-optimized OLTP engine integrated in SQL Server 2014 and is also known as Hekaton allows a table to be stored and resides in main memory and can be queried in the same way...
Ketra's Hero Hekaton
Ketra's Hero Hekaton. Level 80. Passive RaidBoss.
a simple hekaton run ! this next weekend we'll be trying for spot 1 !! (our prev run was 4:40 sadly KMS 1.2.198 - Lv197 Zero vs Hekaton [HD] Here is a video featuring my character Zero 5 minutes...
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Расположение на карте: [80] Ketra's Hero Hekaton.
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Minions: Scout Of Hekaton (79) (3-3) | Servant Of Hekaton (79) (2-2). Item Name. Crystals (Grade).
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Рейдовый Босс Герой Кетра Хекатон 80 Уровень Raid Boss Ketra's Hero Hekaton.
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Not much to say here. Bulletstorm © 2011 Epic Games and People Can Fly. Captured with Fraps, composed with Sony Vegas.
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Back when Hekaton was first announced (and once I started to wrap my head around it), I thought it was the coolest thing ever, and that it was going to revolutionize SQL Server.